first timer’s las vegas bucket list

Hi Friends,

It’s time I publish one of my favorite things to read – a list. But not some boring list like chores or errands. This is the kind of list that gets you excited and makes you want to plan a trip. So here we are – my “First Time in Vegas” Bucket List. Some of these things you may have heard of before and some might be new to you! Either way – this is quite the smorgasbord.

#1 – See the Bellagio Fountains. Cliche? Maybe, but can you think of a more iconic feature in Vegas? I mean, I’ve been obsessed with the Fountains since the end of Ocean’s Eleven. I still stop to watch them when I’m on The Strip.

#2 – While you’re at the Bellagio, check out the Conservatory inside. The displays in the Conservatory are made of flowers, plants and usually have some sort of water feature. They change based on the seasons and are always gorgeous. They do have dark days – so make sure to check out their website to see when those are so you don’t show up and see privacy screens and no flowers.

#3 – Get an obnoxiously large frozen beverage from a Fat Tuesdays. Okay, we’ve ALLLLL done it and once you’ve done it one time you’ll probably never want to again. Hashtag hangover central, thanks to all that sugar.

if you take a photo at 4am…it will look like this

#4 – Take a photo in front of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Because…we’ve alllll done it.

this is how close i was to skrillex the first time i saw him

#5 – See a major DJ in a major club. Because it’s a very Vegas thing to do. And it’s fun, so that’s cool too. Similar to the obnoxiously large frozen drink, it might be an experience to have sparingly. Which keeps it special.

for clarification, this is a bathtub at Caesars 

#6 – Go to Caesars Palace and ask if Caesar really lived there. ; )

#7 – See a Cirque du Soleil performance! I highly recommend both O and LOVE! It’s not what you would expect to do in Vegas and it will make you appreciate how diverse this town has become.

…it’s an experience

good old, old vegas

#8 – Head down to The Fremont Street Experience. And when you’re done with that, walk a few blocks East and you will find all of the great bars the locals go to. 

mt. charleston vibes

#9 – Take a hike! Out at Mt. Charleston! Surprisingly, we have a ton of nature around the valley. You just have to leave The Strip and discover it.


#10 – Since Vegas is now a sports town – go to a game! Take your pick from hockey, football, lacrosse, minor league baseball, women’s basketball, soccer and F1 this fall. The A’s potentially, almost certainly moving to town?? You have plenty of options and even more reasons to visit Vegas!

There you have it, quintessential Vegas activities from a Vegas local. It may take a few trips, but they are surely worth it! Will I ever drink at a Fat Tuesdays ever again? No probably not, but there are just a few things you have to do to really be initiated into the Vegas Club. What have you tried? What did I miss? Let me know!

See ya on The Strip! ❤


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