donut bar aka the best donuts in the world | where to eat in vegas

Let me tell you something… I am SO GLAD gourmet donuts are trendy right now because they are my absolute favorite dessert. I don’t need a pie or a cake or a cupcake. Just give me the damn donut and no one gets hurt. Kidding…kind of.

Now, allow me to introduce y’all to one of my favorite donut spots in Las Vegas: Donut Bar! Located in Downtown Las Vegas.

I don’t really know how or when I discovered this place, but I can tell you it’s been my go-to donut spot for the last two years. That is, as long as I wake up in time because they go FAST. Yes, they are that good.

The shop itself is small and features the donut counter, an espresso bar, a cute little fish tank with fake donuts inside and a small counter area that offers seating. Head out back and you will find a courtyard shared with a few other downtown businesses where you can sit and enjoy your selection. 

the courtyard is shared by donut bar, a tattoo shop, a restaurant and a yoga studio

Ok, let’s get to the actual donuts. Donut Bar has been featured on Thrillist, USA Today, Ellen and is on the list of the Best Donut Shops in America. Clearly, these guys are legit. Not surprisingly, they tend to sell out fast – usually around noon or 1pm, so make this place a priority regardless of the hangover.

Real talk, these are the largest donuts I’ve ever seen. Most are as big as my hand and will leave you full for an entire morning. Maybe longer. Mmmm carbs! But worth it…so very worth it.

Since I frequent this shop quite a bit, I decided to ask the staff for a recommendation on my most recent visit. I should mention here, the Donut Bar staff is super friendly and nice. They have always been willing to answer questions and are ready to give a suggestion when needed. They are also super patient when you’re ordering which is a nice touch since they are a plethora of donut varieties from which to choose.

These are the two they recommended for me:

#1 – Blueberry with Meyer Lemon

First, you must know that I am NOT a fan of blueberries, unless they reside in my pancakes. When this donut was recommended to me I was hesitant, but willing to give it a chance. The cake donut turned out to be very tasty and the lemon frosting added a complimentary, tart flavor that really balanced the donut. I definitely recommend if you want something less sweet.

#2 – Chocolate Vegan

A vegan take on a classic donut. This cake donut does not seem vegan at all (for all those not into the vegan thang.) It’s not too sweet and it satisfies that chocolate craving.

Here are some of my other recs:

Homer’s Donut

Oh My Birthday Cake Oreo

Maple Bacon

Chocolate Bacon

In conclusion, the donuts here are big and sweet and provide an amazing amount of flavor. You probably won’t need another meal until dinner and/or your pregame snack for the evening. Probably. The varieties are unique and change everyday, so there is always something new to try.

This is my favorite donut place in Vegas and I highly recommend you go!


Prices range from $1-$4

Address: 124 S 6th Street, Downtown Las Vegas


Monday – Friday: 7am – the donuts are gone

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – the donuts are gone


talkin’ post festival blues | life is beautiful recap!

After one month, the EDC Las Vegas withdrawals had finally set in and I was DYING for another festival. Thankfully this weekend brought Life is Beautiful Festival, set in Downtown Las Vegas. It was a weekend of sunny, mellow days and cool fall nights with a healthy dose of art, music, good vibes, and DANCING. ALL. THE DANCING.

This was my very first time attending the festival and I can say I was very impressed overall. I find the vibes at a festival to be crucial and at LIB they were soooo good. Everyone I ran into seemed genuinely stoked to be there, willing to take a photo for you, and eager to make room on the dance floor. Or maybe they were sick of getting hit in the face with my hair. This is a very real and understandable possibility.

Another impressive part about this festival was the art installations. From the pinata motel to the murals on the buildings, DTLV was looking so beautiful and I was proud to be a Las Vegas local!



The selling point of this festival for me was the lineup. When it was released in May, I couldn’t believe the variety in terms of performers and I purchased tickets the same day. I loved being able to see G-Eazy, The Temper Trap, The Lumineers, Die Antwoord, and Duke Dumont all in the same weekend. I love a good mellow set (The Lumineers) for being able to chill out before I go show off my fancy footwork (Duke Dumont + a dark dance floor = a happy Jess).



I was so happy that I finally got to see Gryffin, Zhu, CID, Mija, and The Lumineers and none of their sets disappointed. Festivals provide such a great opportunity to discover new acts and it’s become one of my favorite things to do. Before this weekend I had never listened to KAYTRANADA, but he had one of thee grooviest sets of the weekend. And I didn’t really care about seeing Ghastly, but I went because my friends wanted to and I was so glad I did.




I also have to mention the backdrop to this three day beauty: Downtown Las Vegas, or DTLV as I lovingly call it. Being a Vegas local has been such a fun experience for me over the last year. I absolutely love telling people that I live here and how unique this city is. This festival created an environment that complimented Downtown perfectly and showed attendees a side of the city not everyone sees.



Festivals are about getting lost, opening your mind to new experiences, chilling out and generally enjoying your life. Eliminating the bullshit and having the time of your life dancing, vibing, and letting the music speak. I swear I’ve learned more about life and who I am through festivals than half of my college classes.

And even though my neck is sore from Excision and I’m walking with a limp because my left calf is sore from attempting to shuffle – yes, just one calf – I can confidently say that the post festival blues are so real.

This weekend truly was a fantastic and beautiful experience.

Thanks Life is Beautiful!!

So…how long until next year?