thankful friday week #1

A while back, on another blog, I did “Thankful Friday” every Friday in November leading up to Thanksgiving. I think it’s important to focus on the blessings we have in our lives, especially this time of year. I list something I’m thankful for for each day in November.

Here we go!

1 – My Home…Las Vegas

I am so thankful and happy and proud to live in Las Vegas and to call myself a Las Vegas Local. The last month has been an exhausting and tough month for our city. But as the world now knows, we are #VegasStrong.

2 – Donuts

Someone recently asked me what my favorite treat was – and I said donuts. I’m obsessed with donuts, I love them. I know this is silly but I’m just really glad donuts exist.

3 – My DAWG!

This is Kassie and she lives in Idaho. This is us last Thanksgiving. We’re very happy together. The end.