how to get out of a funk

Last week I was in a major funk. I didn’t really even feel like myself until Wednesday afternoon. I had no motivation to work on my massive to-do list and I could not focus at all. If you’ve ever experienced anxiety and/or depression, you know this is an inexplicable feeling which can leave you desperate to find a way out of it.

While this doesn’t happen to me very often anymore, it is a little unsettling when it does. Luckily, I’ve discovered some things that help me get out of that funk. Or at least make me feel a little better.

#1 Breathe & Meditate – Taking a minute to sit, close your eyes and breathe deeply can really help calm your body down. If the thought of meditation is intimidating to you, look for a guided, audio meditation. There are a ton of apps out there, but I really like listening to Gabby Bernstein’s meditations which can be found on her website.

#2 Stretch / Yoga – Sometimes my funk makes me too tired to go out and do a more intense exercise. In cases such as these, I like to stretch and do some relaxing, Yin yoga in the comfort of my own home. I like to use Yoga With Adriene’s videos on Youtube. Her voice is so soothing and her “gentle yoga” really is gentle. Here are just a few of my recs:

Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Migraines, Meditation for Anxiety

#3 Drink Some Tea While Yoga-ing – Get some caffeine-free tea to soothe and detox your body. I like the Yogi brand teas as well as Traditional Medicinals (specifically Peppermint).

#4 Eat Something – It can be really tempting to give into eating junk when in that funk, but I’ve learned that kind of food can make me feel even worse. Something light like a salad will nourish my body and not contribute to the junky feeling.

#5 Get Reallll Dorky AKA Find a Feel Good – One Spring Semester in college, I watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at least once per day during Dead and Finals Week. Why? Because it’s what I needed at the time. Then during the Fall Semester, I watched the One Direction movie at least once per day during Dead and Finals Week. Why? Same reason.

and, i mean, COME ON. it’s harry styles for goodness sake.

It doesn’t matter what brings you joy, as long as it does. Who cares if you like to watch Christmas movies during the summer or have seen every episode of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 if it makes you feel good? Sometimes we just need a temporary escape. And if we are all responsible for our emotions and happiness anyway, then this is one form of taking control.

#6 Find A Way To Laugh At Yourself – I am a huge fan of a solo-dance party and a good “talking to myself” session. When I do absolutely ridiculous things like this in the privacy of my own home, I usually end up laughing at myself. Why take ourselves so seriously all the time?


I hope some of my personal remedies helped y’all. I think it’s important to remember that we all have our days, or weeks or months or even years, but we’re not alone. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

for today…this is enough | augblog

Today did not go as I had planned.

I planned on getting up nice and early and going for a run. Didn’t happen.

I planned on having some down time this afternoon to work on a different post I had in mind for today. Didn’t happen.

We’re learning new things at work that involve data and numbers. Yeah, I know, COMPLETELY opposite of what I am as a human. I fucked up part of the project I’m working on, not once, but twice AND the entire office got to hear about it on an email chain. Good Hell.

You could say that today I felt pretty out of control which, as a self-admitted control freak, is not an easy thing to confess on a blog.

The one thing I knew I had to do was go to my Wednesday night Hot Power Vinyasa yoga class (that I hadn’t been to for a few weeks) because it was my teacher’s last night teaching.

It kicked my ass. I knew it was going to be hard due to my break from it, but good Lord it was a struggle.

After shaking, silently cursing and creating a small lake of sweat on the floor next to me, my teacher ended the class by saying “just by getting on the mat you are doing enough.” Immediately, my entire day and the leftover stress fell out of my brain.

On days like today, just showing up can be enough.

Which can be hard if you have a million tasks to get done in several different areas of your life AND you’re on a timeline. It’s easy for me to look at my day and say “I should have done this and this and this.” However, it’s much more comforting to say “you made it through today and that is enough.”

You must know, I really hate everything I’m saying if I’m being honest. As much as I want to be ok with my not-so productive day, there is a small part of my brain that is not happy with me aka Mr. Anxiety. I think if my anxiety was in human form, he would be sassy and fierce.

Let’s be real…it would be RuPaul. Telling me to lip sync for my life. Or at least to keep packing boxes.

This is an important point to mention (not about RuPaul lol). We see people online, telling us how to feel and what to think and we’re on the other side thinking they must have it all together and know exactly what they are talking about. So naturally, we should listen to them. Naturally.

I am not one of these people and I am happy to admit when I don’t know something. Or, if I’m struggling with something.

So maybe we all need to give ourselves a break? Maybe we need to take some of that compassion from yesterday and use it on ourselves?

And maybe we need a Leslie Knope GIF to carry us out. Yes, still loving Parks and Rec by the way!

changing our attitudes | marathon monday week #11

Sometimes Mondays can make you feel like our palm tree friend above. I hope y’all got a good laugh from this because I had to stand in the middle of a parking lot and get honked at least seven times to take this photo.


It’s really easy to look at Monday and the week ahead and fall over in pre-determined exhaustion. And it’s also really easy to look at a massive to do list on Monday morning and think “FUCK THIS. I’ll start tomorrow.” I’ve done this on more than one occasion. Lazy Monday turns into “Oh shit I’ve lost an entire 22 hours of usable, productive time” and then I spend the rest of the week playing catch-up. Not fun.

I’m the first to admit my procrastination tends to get the better of me. I usually thrive under pressure and I am absolutely addicted to the feeling of stress when racing against a deadline. I know, I’m a thrill seeker. Lol.

However, procrastination is one of those characteristics I am actively working to change. One way to combat procrastination, I’m finding, is to change my attitude about the tasks at hand. I make a to-do list for the week on Sunday before I go to bed so I can have as little anxiety as possible.

Patricio (my dad) likes to say “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” and this is the attitude I try to keep in mind when looking at that massive to do list on a Monday morning.

Attitude makes a big difference and is quite possibly very close to being everything. But it’s nothing without momentum.

They say the way you spend your New Years is the way you spend the rest of your year. I say fuck that because New Years is the worst holiday. Instead I propose that the way you spend your Monday is the way you spend the rest of your week. Yes, that’s better – and much more relatable too.

So…how is this morning going for you? Did you wake up and dread the fact that it was Monday and hit snooze seven more times? Did you jump out of bed pretending to be a cast member of High School Musical and start singing about toast?

I can tell you that I am somewhere in the middle of these two frames of mind. I am a night owl by nature and a 9-5 job makes this impossible on a regular basis. (Side note: I never use the word “impossible” so this is like a rare jungle animal sighting.)

My mornings usually involve a motivating song as my alarm – currently Unforgettable by French Montana – and me giving myself a pep talk. Out loud. Possibly sounding like a crazy person. And what if my method doesn’t work? I turn into the person hitting snooze seven times – we’ve discussed this before.

So while it’s really easy to be the little palm tree that gave up, I’m working to be the little weird human that doesn’t. Starting with run one of the week done already this morning.

What are you doing?

adapting | marathon monday week #8

If you’ve been paying attention to the weather lately, you know that it’s getting quite toasty – especially in Vegas. When the temperature gets up to 110, 115 or – my favorite – 120, I don’t particularly feel like running in the sun. However, I have to get those runs in because after that three week break, I am not doing that again haha.

So what happens now? Running after work when it gets the hottest is a no-go, plus, I hate a treadmill. HATE a treadmill. I can’t stand running in one spot, staring at the same, bleak landscape of my mediocre apartment’s grounds for longer than 20 minutes. I’ve even heard that running on a treadmill can be bad for the knees and as someone with geriatric knees to begin with, we don’t (k)nee(d) that. (Hahahaha I think I’m punny and hilarious. Moving on…)

…told you

But in this Vegas summer heat AKA Satan’s Asshole, sometimes that’s really the only option I have. I don’t want heatstroke or a sunburn or a trip to the hospital due to dehydration. In those cases when I have to treadmill it, I make sure my scheduled run is a speed run (where I’m trying to run as fast as I can for short distances multiple times), a tempo run (where I’m trying to maintain a certain pace for a shorter distance) or a run with short mileage.

Now you might be wondering “isn’t there a thing called a ‘long run'”?

Why, yes, yes there is such a thing. And I bet you’re wondering what I do in scenarios such as those. Well, Team, I have had to adapt. And by adapting I mean waking up at 4am to run before the sun fully breaks over the horizon. Which means I, your friendly neighborhood night owl, has been forced to learn how to go to bed early. 4am is the time you wake up instead of come home from the club? Oh. Oh boy.

In the interest of my sanity, these 4am wake-up calls don’t happen  every morning, but last week I aimed for three of them and successfully completed TWO. That’s over 50%! After my long break, I’ll take it!

Look at me, “adapting.”

Adapting and being flexible are two things that go hand in hand while running, but they are also super important in life as well. How many times do we experience situations that we WERE NOT expecting. Additionally, how many of those scenarios take place when we’re trying to get somewhere or do something else? If your life is like mine, I’m guessing the answer is: quite a few.

Adapting applies to things on a micro level as well. What if the sun isn’t up but it is still so damn hot? Slow the pace and keep my breathing in check. What if I’m running up a hill? Slow the pace and relax my brain.

It’s easy for me to come up with solutions to these issues because I’ve been a runner for five years. I’ve seen and experienced many factors that can affect a run. While this is a “good for you Jess” moment, I will also be the first one to tell you that adapting in real is not this easy for me.

Life pivots and changes quickly without warning and while I’ve gotten some practice navigating these changes, I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for what life will throw at us (or how we will react).

What I can tell you with certainty is that having a positive attitude, an open mind and being flexible are the basics in the toolkit for venturing through this life. They are the only things I can confidently say will help get me through anything.

So more adventures from the other 4am club are sure to ensue, especially as the mileage increases. That hour brings all sorts of fantastic desert-dwellers out and about (don’t worry, I own pepper spray). Plus more crazy turns in life will come – that’s inevitable.

i just felt like i needed to include this – when life gets tough, come to me and i’ll tell you allll about the dead haha

Happy Monday Team! Adapting is tricky and we will never ever be experts at it. But like a famous high school once sang “We’re all in this together!”

2016 – lessons from the highlights and the low lights


If you have been at least 5% aware of the Internet over the last month, then you’ve seen the “2016 is the worst/weirdest year ever” memes. Maybe you’ve even been guilty of proclaiming the same sentiment yourself. I know I have and at the same time, I’m quickly getting annoyed at myself for thinking this way.


So I’m going back to the lesson from the whole Starbucks Hacking fiasco


“It’s not what happens…it’s how you handle it.”


2016 has been interesting both personally and in a greater sense. We’ve seen unexpected celebrity deaths, weird political drama and many other things that might have generally sucked.


Personally, it was a pretty decent year. I started tanning in February and, thanks to the Vegas weather, I avoided the usual seasonal depression. Which was both surprising and refreshing.


  • I found my stride at work.
  • I got more settled into Vegas life and met some pretty cool people. I also met some pretty terrible people, but, whatever.

    sheri is one of those cool people ❤
  • I traveled to LA for the best two Kaskade shows of my life and met some amazing friends in the process.
  • I danced in clubs until they kicked us out and ate breakfast with random dudes from Texas.
  • I went to both a beach club and a nightclub in one day two times this year. The first time was fine. The second time I was drunk for 12 hours and had to go to work the next day.

    the best memorial day we’ve ever had
  • I attended my very first EDC after dreaming about it for the last 6 years. It was chaotic and amazing.
  • I experienced my first Vegas summer which included multiple 115 degree days.
  • I listened to “Closer” by The Chainsmokers enough times that it made it to the top of my most listened to list on Spotify.
  • I snapchatted “Closer” by The Chainsmokers enough times that people still snap me when they hear it out and about.
  • I ventured out to Minnesota to watch my oldest friend get married. It got wild in the best way.
    photo by: KELLY JO PHOTO
  • I celebrated my first year living in Vegas.
  • I attended my first Life is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas and learned the beauty of serendipity.
  • I saw two movies by myself and enjoyed every minute.
  • I saw The 1975 for the second time and they absolutely killed it.
  • I ran my third half marathon and it was mentally my toughest race yet.

Throughout everything that I experienced this year, I learned some important things. Most importantly, I truly stopped letting whatever other people thought get in the way of me doing absolutely everything I wanted.


While these are just a few of the highlights, there were plenty of lows as well. I could have let the lows overshadow all the good things in my year, but I chose to handle them differently. I didn’t want what happened to control my outlook – I wanted how I handle the bad things to shape they way things turned out. And overall, I think I succeeded and found ways to improve along the way.


So here’s to the chaotic year that was. I’m looking forward to the fresh start on the calendar. I’m excited to see what the next 365 will bring.


2017 let’s goooo!!


25 cheers for 25 years | a collection of things i’ve learned thus far


birthday selfies, per usual

Yesterday, December 12, was my 25th birthday (oi) and in the spirit of “End of The Year Lists” I decided to put together some random things I’ve learned during the first quarter of my life on Earth.

I tried to keep this list light and funny-ish, but sometimes you sit down and things get deeper than expected. Enjoy!
1. I have both experienced so much and so little in my moderate 25 years on this Earth.
2. I truly believe I have been able to reach the highest threshold of human happiness and also the absolute rock bottom within a few short years. This isn’t to say that I won’t ever be that happy again (because I’m sure I will be) or that I won’t have bad things happen (hopefully not that bad) but I do think I have a sense of the spectrum.
3. Baseball players, whether former or current, are always the best and the worst.
4. The Yankees suck.
5. Sometimes, your path takes you somewhere and on an adventure so drawn out and grand when the only purpose of it all is to meet the closest people in your life.
6. Going to your adult job still drunk sucks.
7. Going to your adult job severely hungover sucks.
8. Going to your first adult job sober really sucks.
9. There is so much truth to the statement “you’ll never remember the nights you had plenty of sleep”.
10. blink-182 was spot on when they said “nobody likes you when you’re 23”. Honestly my least favorite year on Earth.
11. Nebraska is my least favorite place to be in America.
12. If you can successfully road trip across the country with your friends and not kill each other, you will be friends forever.
13. When choosing between two paths you will always wonder what if you had gone the other way. Always, even if you don’t think you will.
14. I have no idea what I want the rest of my life to look like and that’s okay because that’s the fucking beauty of it.
15. The most unexpected people leave the most potent mark.
16. God meets you where you are. Not kidding. But it is kind of funny.
17. The only way out is through.
18. I finally learned how to apply lashes after 25 years. This year already looks brighter.
19. Sneezing is hilarious if you think about it. You are forcefully and uncontrollably letting germs escape from your body. And it sounds weird as it happens. Someone try to tell me how this isn’t funny.
20. When you want something, all the universe really does conspire to help you make it happen. Patience required.
21. The moments and the people you share them with are easily more enjoyable, important and memorable than the things.
22. There are so many things out there in the world, and they are all just waiting for you to discover them.
23. HBO is the best network on television. Closely followed by Bravo and E!
24. You can’t hate someone or something you understand.
25. This truly is a God-dream and I wouldn’t have made it this far without him.
Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra! Forever my birthday twin ❤

the STARBUCKS HACKING | it’s not what happens, it’s how you handle it

snapchat art from last red cup season (@jessicalynnn12)
my friend derek took this picture of me in my natural habitat with a starbucks in one hand and a sugarfree red bull in the other before the worst final i ever took in college. we both passed tho


This morning was so amazing that I was PUMPED to see what the rest of the day had in store for me. I popped right out of bed at 5am to go to Hot Pilates with my fave instructor. The class was BOMB and after showering and getting ready, I even made it into work early.

As I sat down to begin chipping away at my pile of things to get done, I looked at my phone to see not one, but two emails from Starbucks. Starbucks wanted to thank me for reloading my Gold Card twice, for $100 each. Initially I thought my Merm (mother – no I can’t make things simple) was being really nice and was missing me. I called her and quickly learned that she misses me, but not THAT much.


So I called the bank and talked to three people for 30 minutes and to spare y’all the details, they cancelled my card, blocked the fraudulent charges from being processed, and are sending me a new card within 7 – 10 business days. Cool. Thanks US BANK!

*I kept my debit card info in the app so I could reload my card quickly and easily. I now see how big of an issue that is*

Then I called Starbucks – and was fully prepared to tell them exactly how shitty I found their product and that if I ever saw a green mermaid again I would violently vomit my protein shake from post-pilates. Graphic.

But you guys, the lady was SO NICE, so SWEET, and even admitted that the Starbucks Mobile App is fucked. She quickly removed all of my banking card info from the app, helped me change my password, and promised a full refund from Starbucks. Ok, ok, I see you Starbucks.

Then she told me (and this is where EVERYONE NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION):

“I ALWAYS reload my card in store. ALWAYS. This is the time of year when the app gets hacked the most.”


my fave downtown lv coffee shop: the beat ❤

The Lesson in all this….

It’s not WHAT happens to you, it’s how YOU HANDLE it.

Thanks Patricio (my dad – no I don’t make nicknames simple)

I could have handled this by crying (I was about to), screaming (I really wanted to), and telling everyone I came across all about this really shitty thing that ruined my really good Friday.

But I didn’t. I remained zen, calmly gave all parties the info they needed to help me solve the problem, and am now able to tell all my friends this story so you can go remove your banking info from the Starbucks app so you don’t get stolen from!

And thing is…all of these people: at US Bank, at Starbucks, my boss who found me in a frantic state – wanted to help ME. Granted the majority of these people make their living by helping people like me, but still they were all SO NICE AND HELPFUL! I also didn’t want to ruin their days by being the random bitch from Vegas who got her card info stolen and was now screaming at them like it was their fault, because it wasn’t.

So now I’ve learned three things since 8:22am:

  1. Don’t trust the Starbucks App with your banking info (or probably any app)
  2. Make all your passwords difficult to decipher and different from each other (NOT “ilovethechainsmokers123”)
  3. Today is still going to be a really good day (FRIDAY!!!)

Cue Bob Marley cuz every little ting is gonna be alright! MON!

Happy Friday! Enjoy this picture of me caressing a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch last night (as seen on insta:: @jessica_oneida)