EP 8 – The EDC Shit Show | TNN Podcast


New Pod is HERE! I’m telling the story for the final time – how EDC Day 1 was SUCH. A. SHIT. SHOW. Check it out on iTunes or SoundCloud (link below)!

I hope y’all can make it through this day smoothly and without too much chaos! I’m working a long day and then immediately jumping on a plane, with about 45 minutes to spare. Wish me luck!

Want to know where I’m going?

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EP 7 – A Discussion on 13 Reasons Why with My Baby Brother | TNN Podcast

Hey Team! Happy Thursday!

Today we’re back with a different kind of podcast for us – a serious discussion on the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” We wanted to take a look at the differences between high school when I was there nearly 10 years ago and today as my brother is going into his senior year.

We talked about social media, cyber bullying and how it’s all changed thanks to technology. This Podcast also includes details about the show and in-depth discussions about the topics it explores. Spoilers included so if you haven’t watched and want to, listen when you’re done.

We wanted to give this topic the reverence and respect it deserved and we hope you enjoy. : )

Check it out on iTunes:Β https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-notorious-neon-podcast/id1260193462

or SoundCloud:

EP 6 – The POD is back! | TNN Podcast

Hey Team it’s back!!

This one has a lower sound quality, trust me I know. My SD Card got corrupted and the only way to get it was to play it on my recorder directly to the computer. Ridiculous. But! I really liked this episode. It was a true stream of consciousness and I just let it take me where it would!

Check it out! Happy Friday!

ep 5 – marathon (and music) MADNESS | TNN POD

Hey y’all!

Back at it again with another podcast! Today, I’m following up on my blog post from Monday and discussing my history with running and how my marathon goals came to fruition.

I also discuss current music picks and my fickle relationship with a certain pop diva.

Check it out! Subscribe! Tell all your friends!

❀ Jess

EP 3 – Actually Don’t Shut Up You’re on a Podcast | TNN PODCAST

Hey y’all!

I took a week off of podcasting because life got CRAZY!

This week I’m back and I’m sharing a conversation I had with my (not so little) BABY BROTHER!

We talk a little bit about life in high school now, traveling abroad, he makes fun of me and I stumble over my words because I wasn’t used to having guests for the pod!

Check it out! Share it!

Happy Friday!

Jess : )

EP 2 – Losing Keys and Serendipity | TNN PODCAST

Hey Team! Happy Friday!

Hopefully y’all are out happy hour-ing tonight! In that case, this is the perfect cure to your hangover in the morning. If not, you’re the lucky ones and you can laugh at the rest of us.

I’m telling you the story of how I decided to really start this whole podcasting thing and remind you that stupid shit happens to everyone.