17 thoughts locals have on the strip

Once again, we find ourselves at the end of a beautiful day called Thursday. And once again, I have some snarky, Las Vegas experiences to share with y’all.

Today I present to you, some thoughts locals have on The Strip. Because we don’t all experience utter joy when a rather large, foreign tour group with a flag engulfs us while on our way to sushi.

1- Could you walk ANY. SLOWER???

2- Could you please put the selfie stick back inside of your car and actually drive to the hotel before trying to film every single inch of The Strip?? I don’t want to be a victim of your unintentional off-roading as you attempt to capture the majesty of The Bellagio Fountains.

3- I could so easily steal that wallet sticking out of your pocket and/or open purse.

4- Do you NEED to STAND in the middle of a WALKway to take that photo?

5- The Fountains erupt every 15 minutes. Please calm down. I’m not trying to block you from this rare opportunity.

6- I hope you and your obnoxious child know that cockroaches reside in the bushes in front of said fountains. (This is true, I’ve witnessed.)

7- Contrary to what your overpriced well vodka is telling you, she’s waayyy out of your league, bro.

8- Don’t even waste your time politely telling the stripper card people you don’t want one. Sometimes you cannot be polite to strangers. It’s not rude, it’s self-preservation. This isn’t Nebraska anymore.

9- Oh no, do not speak to that dirty, life-size Spongebob.

10- Well look at your dumb (drunk) ass stopping to talk to the poorly dressed showgirl and/or dirty cartoon character lurking nearby. Now you will get finagled into taking a $50 photo.

11- Yep there goes that next round of drinks.

12- GIRL. PUT YOUR SHOES BACK ON. At least make that married guy you met two hours ago in the club carry you back to his hotel room.

13- Oh honey, do not get into that limo.

14- Why do people even come to The Strip? This isn’t that cool.

15- Dammit…I live here.

16- This is fucking awesome.

17- Awee yeaahhh. I live here.

donut bar aka the best donuts in the world | where to eat in vegas

Let me tell you something… I am SO GLAD gourmet donuts are trendy right now because they are my absolute favorite dessert. I don’t need a pie or a cake or a cupcake. Just give me the damn donut and no one gets hurt. Kidding…kind of.

Now, allow me to introduce y’all to one of my favorite donut spots in Las Vegas: Donut Bar! Located in Downtown Las Vegas.

I don’t really know how or when I discovered this place, but I can tell you it’s been my go-to donut spot for the last two years. That is, as long as I wake up in time because they go FAST. Yes, they are that good.

The shop itself is small and features the donut counter, an espresso bar, a cute little fish tank with fake donuts inside and a small counter area that offers seating. Head out back and you will find a courtyard shared with a few other downtown businesses where you can sit and enjoy your selection. 

the courtyard is shared by donut bar, a tattoo shop, a restaurant and a yoga studio

Ok, let’s get to the actual donuts. Donut Bar has been featured on Thrillist, USA Today, Ellen and is on the list of the Best Donut Shops in America. Clearly, these guys are legit. Not surprisingly, they tend to sell out fast – usually around noon or 1pm, so make this place a priority regardless of the hangover.

Real talk, these are the largest donuts I’ve ever seen. Most are as big as my hand and will leave you full for an entire morning. Maybe longer. Mmmm carbs! But worth it…so very worth it.

Since I frequent this shop quite a bit, I decided to ask the staff for a recommendation on my most recent visit. I should mention here, the Donut Bar staff is super friendly and nice. They have always been willing to answer questions and are ready to give a suggestion when needed. They are also super patient when you’re ordering which is a nice touch since they are a plethora of donut varieties from which to choose.

These are the two they recommended for me:

#1 – Blueberry with Meyer Lemon

First, you must know that I am NOT a fan of blueberries, unless they reside in my pancakes. When this donut was recommended to me I was hesitant, but willing to give it a chance. The cake donut turned out to be very tasty and the lemon frosting added a complimentary, tart flavor that really balanced the donut. I definitely recommend if you want something less sweet.

#2 – Chocolate Vegan

A vegan take on a classic donut. This cake donut does not seem vegan at all (for all those not into the vegan thang.) It’s not too sweet and it satisfies that chocolate craving.

Here are some of my other recs:

Homer’s Donut

Oh My Birthday Cake Oreo

Maple Bacon

Chocolate Bacon

In conclusion, the donuts here are big and sweet and provide an amazing amount of flavor. You probably won’t need another meal until dinner and/or your pregame snack for the evening. Probably. The varieties are unique and change everyday, so there is always something new to try.

This is my favorite donut place in Vegas and I highly recommend you go!


Prices range from $1-$4

Address: 124 S 6th Street, Downtown Las Vegas


Monday – Friday: 7am – the donuts are gone

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – the donuts are gone

Website: https://www.donutbar.com/

11 things you should never assume in las vegas

There can be quite a few misconceptions about Las Vegas and I’m sure I haven’t even heard them all. I thought I would provide y’all with a handy little guide of things that you should never assume while in Las Vegas. You know, just to help you out before you get here.

1. The girl you’re talking to is a tourist. Some of us local chicks can and do frequent The Strip.


2. The local girl you’re talking to is a prostitute or a stripper. Believe it or not, those aren’t the only two occupations for women in Las Vegas.



3. The dude buying you a drink at the bar, whether local or tourist, is single. Hahaha. It’s not funny. But it does happen.



4. The guy you’re buying coke from isn’t a cop.



5. The coke you’re buying from that guy is actually coke. (I think we all remember The Hangover??)



6. The cop you just walked by isn’t a drug dealer.



7. You’ve consumed enough water. Trust me…you have not.



8. You’re going to have a “mellow night out.” Again, hahahaha.



9. You don’t need to be on time for shows, clubs, reservations, etc. Just because “it’s Vegas” does not mean you can show up whenever you please. Failing to show up on time when it’s scheduled or reserved is not only rude, but I’ve seen people lose dinner reservations and club tables due to tardiness. Not to mention, if you’re on a guest list at a club and you show up too late, you won’t be getting in for free, if at all. Which brings me to…



10. You’re going to get into a club wearing jeans. Trust me you will not. As “trashy” as some people proclaim Vegas to be, a dress code is very much alive and well here. Please try to look like you didn’t just chug beer and cheap margs at the pool all day. Don’t be the one in the couple who shows up as a hot mess while the other is dressed to the nines. HUGE pet peeve of mine to see while out. Also guys…don’t wear white shoes to clubs. You won’t get in, I swear. Plus, dressing up is fun and the people who get all the attention are the ones who look the most presentable. Or have the biggest hair.


11. You will pay less than $15 for a drink most places on The Strip. Yeah you read that correctly, the average starting price is $15. The mixed drinks I end up purchasing usually hover in the $18-$20 range. Two years ago I found this absolutely ridiculous. Today, I’ve learned the importance of the pregame.

I hope you enjoyed some of the observations I’ve made on a fairly consistent basis. If I’ve provided a lesson, good. If I’ve provided a laugh, even better!

my favorite vegas brunch on the strip | mon ami gabi

view from across the street at the bellagio fountains – look at that, no cars! it takes skills people

Sunday mornings in Vegas are made for hangovers, lazy days by the pool and Bloody Mary’s – all after stumbling back to your room as the sun’s coming up after the club. Classy.

But there’s a different world that exists on Sunday mornings – an early morning brunch on the porch of Mon Ami Gabi, located at the Paris Las Vegas.

If you’re wondering how I feel about this restaurant, let me put it this way – I’ve eaten brunch here three times in the last two months. Yup, I’m officially obsessed.

*Best Trick – Breakfast ends at 11am. Sharp. Make your reservations for no later than 10:40am. You’re required to get there about 15 min prior to reservation time so GET. THERE.

If you want to sit outside (and I highly suggest you do) make sure to mention it when checking in for your reservation. Remember to be super nice and friendly. The hostesses, in my experience, are super stressed and deal with a ton of assholes…don’t be another asshole and they will probably help you out. At the very least, you won’t be that tourist.

If you’re looking for something sweet and fruity I recommend the Caramelized Apple Skinny Crepe Pancake served with fresh whipped cream and REAL, actual caramelized apples.

The Skinny Crepes also come topped with Cinnamon or Lemon with Lemon Marmalade. We haven’t tried the Lemon, but we can absolutely recommend the Cinnamon (also served with the homemade whipped cream.)

The sweetness was the perfect partner to my slightly spicy Bloody Mary and the combo left me full ALL day. When I order something sweet, I always get a side of the Crispy Date-Glazed Bacon. The bacon is a thick cut and the glaze gives it an interesting flavor that compliments it nicely.

My mom went for the Blueberry Waffles with warm blueberry syrup. Presented as four mini waffles, topped with mini blueberries and syrup on the side. Another excellent choice.

Maybe the sweet highway is not for you? Never fear, we have some not-so-sweet recs for you!

You can’t go wrong with Three Eggs your way which comes with the bacon, hash browns and Rustic Toast. I chose scrambled eggs and they were soft, fluffy and absolutely tasty. Now let’s talk about the Rustic Toast. DEAD. It’s so crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Plus it comes with butter and a fantastic jelly. At the very least get it as a side dish.

Finally, I have to mention the Ham & Cheese Omelette with Gruyere cheese. I’m not much of a cheese person (I honestly cannot stand cheese) but Momma Bear said this was BOMB. And I believe her.

The vibe of Mon Ami is so authentic it instantly transports you to an intimate cafe in Paris, France. If you choose to sit inside, you will either be in the dining room which is dark, intimate and features an art deco style. Continue further into the restaurant and you will find yourself in a room with a glass ceiling and big glass windows looking out onto The Strip. It’s like being in a French garden sunroom.

However, if the weather is nice, I highly recommend sitting on the patio (yes, I’m saying it again because it’s the best decision). French bistro style tables and chairs fill the area which features views of the whole Strip. To the West of the Patio sits the Bellagio and those famous Fountains. The best accompaniment to a Sunday Brunch as this is the day they start the earliest at 11am. (Saturday at noon and Monday-Friday at 3pm.)

In a sentence – Mon Ami Gabi is my go-to brunch spot. The atmosphere, energy, dishes and service are all fantastic and keeps me coming back.

Definitely a must-visit when in Vegas!

Breakfast menu can be found – here

Main Website – here


*Sunday – Thursday: 7am – 11pm

*Friday & Saturday: 7am – Midnight 

For Reservations Call: 702 – 944 – 4224


getting judged by vegas locals aka vegas initiation | #tbt

Today, I’m sharing a vintage Vegas story because this is “The Notorious Neon” now and I have, like, one story about Vegas posted. Or two.


Let’s take a journey back to Halloween 2015 and my first experience with douchebag Las Vegas Locals…

If you’ve listened to music this year [EDITOR’S NOTE: “this year” = 2015…proceed], you have surely heard “These Walls” by Kendrick Lamar. I actually think about the phrase “if these walls could talk” a lot, because, you never really know who you are talking to or who could be lurking around the corner.

Friday night, the night before Halloween [October 30, 2015], I was headed to The Strip to meet up with a friend from college who was in town celebrating his birthday. The group was going to the High Roller at The LINQ Hotel & Casino aka the tallest Ferris wheel in the world that also happens to resemble the London Eye.

inside the lobby of the High Roller. decor goals much?
vegas views 👌🏻✨

I was keeping it a mellow, sober night because I had a meeting early the next morning (who schedules something like that during HALLOWEEKEND, I mean COME ON!]. Anyway…

I parked at The LINQ and made my way to the elevator in the parking garage. While I, along with a girl my age and a couple who were in their mid-50s, waited for the elevator, I felt some weird being looks thrown at me. The lady in this fifty and fabulous duo (let’s call her Fun Sponge) was NOT having any of my shit.

What was I doing you may wonder? Nothing crazy except for dressing in all black with cat ears and a full-on cat face? Because, Halloweekend, of course.

costume in question.

Lady, it’s called “HalloWEEKEND” for a reason. You are supposed to celebrate ALL weekend. Ok? Ok.

Small talk ensued which basically led to the Fun Sponge saying quite condescendingly that “people that look like you are the reason we even go to The Strip.”

To that I promptly responded with, “Yeah you see all kinds of crazy shit when you live here.”

As soon as I mentioned that I was, in fact, a local and not a tourist whom she so obviously despised, Fun Sponge could not have looked more disgusted with me. At first I was offended because I was still trying to figure out how Vegas people operate. (I had only been here two months at this point).

I didn’t care, however, because I was a cat and I was loving my life. And how could you not laugh at Fun Sponge? It was absolutely hilarious.

A small, silly reminder that you never know who you are talking to, especially in Vegas. You can never predict when you’re going to meet a DJ or a reality star or a local! (And I’ve met all three so let me know if you want more stories!)

What you say can and, most likely will, get back to you. When it does, you better be prepared to own up to the things you said. This can go for talking positively or talking absolute shit behind someone’s back.

Like I’ve always said, “You can talk shit about people, but you sure as hell better be prepared to say it to their face when it gets back to them.” Notice how I said “when”. Might have some experience with that. Maybe.

So yes, I may still be the local that makes the other locals cringe because I actually enjoy the occasional night out on The Strip with the pleasant bonus of psycho tourist watching. But I am a firm believer in the fact that life is too short to not be doing absolutely everything you want regardless of the circumstance.

And I’m genuinely in love with Vegas so why not promote and support the city?

views from the top of the High Roller.

This place is SO cool and magical and full of weird, wonderful, wacky people and the best thing to do here is embrace it!

With Love From VEGAS!

the STARBUCKS HACKING | it’s not what happens, it’s how you handle it

snapchat art from last red cup season (@jessicalynnn12)
my friend derek took this picture of me in my natural habitat with a starbucks in one hand and a sugarfree red bull in the other before the worst final i ever took in college. we both passed tho


This morning was so amazing that I was PUMPED to see what the rest of the day had in store for me. I popped right out of bed at 5am to go to Hot Pilates with my fave instructor. The class was BOMB and after showering and getting ready, I even made it into work early.

As I sat down to begin chipping away at my pile of things to get done, I looked at my phone to see not one, but two emails from Starbucks. Starbucks wanted to thank me for reloading my Gold Card twice, for $100 each. Initially I thought my Merm (mother – no I can’t make things simple) was being really nice and was missing me. I called her and quickly learned that she misses me, but not THAT much.


So I called the bank and talked to three people for 30 minutes and to spare y’all the details, they cancelled my card, blocked the fraudulent charges from being processed, and are sending me a new card within 7 – 10 business days. Cool. Thanks US BANK!

*I kept my debit card info in the app so I could reload my card quickly and easily. I now see how big of an issue that is*

Then I called Starbucks – and was fully prepared to tell them exactly how shitty I found their product and that if I ever saw a green mermaid again I would violently vomit my protein shake from post-pilates. Graphic.

But you guys, the lady was SO NICE, so SWEET, and even admitted that the Starbucks Mobile App is fucked. She quickly removed all of my banking card info from the app, helped me change my password, and promised a full refund from Starbucks. Ok, ok, I see you Starbucks.

Then she told me (and this is where EVERYONE NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION):

“I ALWAYS reload my card in store. ALWAYS. This is the time of year when the app gets hacked the most.”


my fave downtown lv coffee shop: the beat ❤

The Lesson in all this….

It’s not WHAT happens to you, it’s how YOU HANDLE it.

Thanks Patricio (my dad – no I don’t make nicknames simple)

I could have handled this by crying (I was about to), screaming (I really wanted to), and telling everyone I came across all about this really shitty thing that ruined my really good Friday.

But I didn’t. I remained zen, calmly gave all parties the info they needed to help me solve the problem, and am now able to tell all my friends this story so you can go remove your banking info from the Starbucks app so you don’t get stolen from!

And thing is…all of these people: at US Bank, at Starbucks, my boss who found me in a frantic state – wanted to help ME. Granted the majority of these people make their living by helping people like me, but still they were all SO NICE AND HELPFUL! I also didn’t want to ruin their days by being the random bitch from Vegas who got her card info stolen and was now screaming at them like it was their fault, because it wasn’t.

So now I’ve learned three things since 8:22am:

  1. Don’t trust the Starbucks App with your banking info (or probably any app)
  2. Make all your passwords difficult to decipher and different from each other (NOT “ilovethechainsmokers123”)
  3. Today is still going to be a really good day (FRIDAY!!!)

Cue Bob Marley cuz every little ting is gonna be alright! MON!

Happy Friday! Enjoy this picture of me caressing a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch last night (as seen on insta:: @jessica_oneida)


beginning of BLOGtober | the importance of challenging yourself

Today is the FIRST DAY OF HALLOWEEN!!! or October if you’re not Halloween obsessed like I am. It’s my favorite holiday and I feel that it deserves a month-long celebration.

It is also the first day of Blog-tober (still working out how I’m going to stylize the name) and I am so ready for this challenge to roll. Ever since I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Helene in Between, do Blogtober a couple years ago, I always thought to myself “I wish I could do that”.

Some of my favorite YouTubers take on the “Vlogmas” challenge every year and I love seeing what they come up with. You could say I’ve been observing and “sponging” (soaking everything up – yes I made this word up) for a while now.

Well here I am two years later, many vlogs down, and one very necessary attitude adjustment (I despise the phrase “I wish”) and I’m DOING THE DAMN THING! Blogtober Challenge…Accepted!

I think it’s very important to challenge yourself, in many different ways and areas of life. For example, two years ago I decided I was going to train for and run in the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. I was so proud of myself for completing the race that I decided to do it again the next year. Challenge accepted and succeeded.

Through the preparation and actual running of the race I learned how to persevere in order to accomplish my goal even if things got difficult and physically uncomfortable.

I find that challenging yourself is not only a way to spice life up and actually go out and live it, but to also keep sharp in other areas. It’s been proven that physical activity helps relieve stress and having things to look forward to (a daily challenge to accomplish perhaps?) helps to motivate us as humans through the more mundane parts of our day.

Here’s to challenging myself this October! I don’t have a set structure or prompts that I’m following or a certain post time, the daily blogging after I’ve been so inconsistent with it for the last few years is enough for me!

Be sure to subscribe to see this BLOGtober Challenge go down! : D

*Note:: all of these photos were taken in Vegas LAST October.

And yes that is Skrillex : ) ↓