i used to live in a haunted house part 2

i used to live in a haunted house part 2

So I left y’all hanging there in Part 1 – if you haven’t, catch up HERE! That post will give you the background, the disclaimer and the address. But since I’m trying to get my story out there in the hopes that someone else who has lived in the house can relate…I’ll post it again here –

79 South 1200 East Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102

Prior to my six week study abroad in Spain, I didn’t spend much time in the house. Between moving, the overlap of my old apartment and crashing on a couch or two, I probably spent a week in the new house before leaving for my trip. Once I got back, I immediately took off on another week-long trip to Boston (my very first trip there!). And when I got back from Boston, I went up to Idaho to spend some time with my family.

Finally, halfway through the summer I got settled into the haunted house aka The Peach. I named it this because I thought the color of our house was a peachy color. Some people thought I needed to adjust my contact prescription but I think the name really stuck. See photo below to make your own decision. But now that I’m looking at this photo…I think it objectively is a peach color.

One of my drive-by’s of The Peach

My room in The Peach was…interesting to say the least. See the bay windows to the left of the front door? Yeah that was my room. It had no door and no closet. How did I function you may wonder. A curtain served as my door and a wooden box served as my closet.

Now, this might be hard to picture but don’t worry! I have the creepy listing photos of this house from years ago. Yes, I was still able to find them on the Internet. And I have absolutely no idea why the first owners of the house thought it was a good idea to put these photos in the listing.

A perfect shot of my “closet”
My view to the outside. A lot of neighborhood drama was witnessed from these windows.

I won’t include the screenshots of my roommates’ rooms but they are in a similar state. These photos were taken WHEN WE WERE MOVING IN. Creepy, weird, invasive? 100%. I find it particularly unsettling that my photo frames were included. I can tell you who is in most of the photos and where they were taken.

Obviously, the first owner was trying to sell the place but I don’t think I was aware of that fact until I got back from Spain. I found out when our landlord (owner #1) told us that “some people were coming to see the house” one afternoon. For most of August our original landlord was trying to get rid of the place and I think they were able to within the month.

I don’t remember exactly when the weird stuff started happening but my best guess is near the end of August/beginning of September. It began with a few weird dreams and nightmares here and there. For someone who is no stranger to horror movies and American Horror Story, this was not too unusual.

Our neighbors also had some weird issues happening in their house simultaneously – physical and psychological. I’m sorry I can’t give more details but they are not my stories to tell. And I’m not sure if they would see what happened like I did.

My experiences quickly started ramping up. Nightmares turned into sleep paralysis real damn quick. Initially, it was one or two nights per week but that turned into a nightly occurrence within weeks. In the last seven years since moving out I’ve only experienced it a handful of times. Only one of these times I’ve experienced in my current house where I’ve lived for four years.

It was terrifying when it first started happening. There were nights I didn’t think I was going to wake up. Every night I tried to scream and I had no voice. I couldn’t tell when I was actually awake or when I was in the “in between” as I called it. My solution to this was to hang Christmas lights and sleep with them on every single night. If I “woke up” and the Christmas lights were off, I knew I had to try to wake myself up. It was exhausting.

While my sleep paralysis was a common occurrence, I had another bizarre sleep-related experience only once or twice. And to be honest I thought it was something you would only see in the movies.

I levitated. Yep like Regan from The Exorcist. I was pulled up to the ceiling so I could see my room below me. And I just kind of…hung out there. The only way to describe this now is – bizarre. as. fuck.

Side Note – I originally thought the bed floating scene took place in Amityville Horror. I Googled the shit out of it and could not find a movie scene where this happens. That’s not to say it doesn’t, but I was not about to watch Amityville last night after Oxygen’s Serial Killer week. Lol. Shout out to my Mom who told me that we know for sure that the bed AND the girl float in The Exorcist.

I realize just how weird this all sounds and for people who’ve never heard this story before – yeah it is really weird. Hell, it’s weird for anyone if we’re being honest. But the weirdest part might possibly the next sentence.

While living there and going through all of this it felt totally normal. Almost as if it was supposed to be happening. Like it came with the territory. And even though I felt this way, I would be lying if I said it didn’t freak me out while living there. Because it did, when I remembered it. That’s the weird thing about living in a haunted house, at least for me, I didn’t always remember I was being haunted or watched.

But there were reminders for sure.

One time I was doing laundry in our creepy-ass basement. The neighbor’s dog was with me but would not cross the threshold from the stairs into the actual basement room. Absolutely refused to enter that room. We dragged this dog into the room and it immediately ran up the stairs back to the house next door. That dog knew something was up. Dogs just know these kind of things.

One story I can share is one of the nights we had a party and my best friend stayed the night. She slept on the couch and the next day informed me that I was not crazy. She had seen something in the living room that night.

Between the next door neighbors and my living space, a lot was going on. But what about the people living in the other apartments in my house?

We will touch on their stories, my theories and the conclusion to this series in Part 3!

So that’s what I personally experienced in the house! While reflecting on all of this, I’ll be honest, it doesn’t feel like much. But like I said at the beginning of Part 1, it was also the feeling I got in this house. The feeling that something is there and some sort of major events have taken place in the space. When you’re the kind of person that seems to be a magnet for the weirdness of the world and the other side, you are far more sensitive to these kinds of things.

Again, my biggest goal with this is to find someone who has also lived in this house and experienced something. Not all haunted houses have stories that are broadcast to the world and I truly feel like it is my job to bring this one to the masses.

See you in Part 3!

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