“America” by Simon & Garfunkel is currently on the speakers and I’ve been reflecting on my adventures over the last few months. The last blog I posted was back in June – my EDC recap. After that I had a full summer of travel and adventures.

I had an amazing time and was so fully immersed that I often forgot to post on social…

**I spent the Fourth of July in my hometown in Idaho and it was beautiful


**My mom and I spent two amazing days in my favorite American city: Boston

On the Charles River
Yes we did
We were those people
Tourist AF
My mom wouldn’t let me buy this
Make Way for the Ducklings
Good ol’ George
The Charles
Contemplating whether I should move to Boston or not…and where I can find the best lobster roll
One of my favorite places on EARTH

**My mom and I then drove through New Hampshire – both of our first times ever stepping foot in the state!

{No photos of New Hampshire apparently…}

**After Boston and New Hampshire, we spent a week at one of my favorite places on Earth – a secluded lake in Vermont. Afterwards we traveled to Burlington and ate at one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to – The Farmhouse Tap & Grill.

Lake Life
America the Beautiful
Burlington, Vermont
The Farmhouse Tap & Grill
How can I host a cross-country dinner party??

**Next I took my very first trip to the Bay Area in California for my friend’s birthday. I got to experience San Jose, San Francisco (including the hippie heaven – Haight Ashbury) and even took in an Oakland A’s game.

Rooftops in San Jose
Outside of the house where the Grateful Dead lived
THEE Grateful Dead house
Hippie heaven
Keep the A’s in OAKLAND

**My final trip of the summer was to help another friend get settled in the Upper East Side of New York City. I never thought I would have even a desire to visit New York City. But after my weekend exploring several neighborhoods of Manhattan, I can honestly say I enjoyed the city a lot more than I ever thought I would.

(I saw a guy about my age reading this at the airport restaurant and it was a WHOLE mood. Lol.)

Taking in Washington Square Park…and wondering when I can get another hot dog
LOVE the Flatiron
NYC…I think I might like you

Getting to explore so many different parts of my country this summer was amazing. I learned how to rest between trips and spend my money experiences not things. We live in such a beautiful and fascinating world and I love being able to travel to see these corners of the place I call home. And the people watching in all of the airports was truly incomparable. It makes you realize how different we all are and how cool it is that we can all function together.

So I was on the move a lot this summer – I guess you could call me The Nomadic Neon – and when that happens, something has to take a backseat. Which was the blog, obviously. Occasionally during my unplanned hiatus I found myself getting slightly stressed about not posting. And if if you have anxiety like me, you know how quickly those thoughts can snowball out of control.

I had to have a convo with myself and figure out how I was going to move forward with this thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to post more often but I’m not going to force myself to post if I have nothing to say. Obviously I have a lot of knowledge and opinions and things to say about Vegas and I’m always available on Instagram DMs to provide quick recommendations if you can’t find something on the site.

The best way for me to enjoy this blog and actually keep working on it going forward is to not put the pressure on myself to post EVERY DAY about EVERY thought I have or thing I eat. (Lol.)

I spent a lot of time this summer off my phone and experiencing my life firsthand, which was so nice. As much as I love sharing what I’m doing, it’s also really nice to take a step back and enjoy the moment. And I think that’s going to be an interesting choice as we continue forward in society – what do we keep for ourselves and what do we share with the world? It’s different for everyone and finding that balance is super important for our mental health and sanity.

I’m not good with committing (obviously) or making definite, long-term decisions so my “social posting rule” going forward is going to be an in the moment decision.

I’m not one of these typical bloggers that wants to show you 27 photos of an outfit (no shade I love looking at them during work hours). I started a blog to share my love of Vegas and to write because I am a freaking writer and like my girl BSpears says “if you feel it let it happen.”

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to in the last few months since I posted about edc. I’m working on not letting the fear or the filter get in my way of sharing my thoughts. I’m getting better about posting Instagram stories again. This whole year and especially this summer has taught me so many things about myself, relationships with people and life in general. Some of these things I’ll share in time and some of them will be just for me.

Happy Fall Y’all! Do me a favor and go watch this Trey Kennedy video about basic girls and fall. He kills me, I die of laughter and he just came out with a podcast.

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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