sunday selects #5

Hey Hey we’re finally back with some updates!

First of all, I decided to change the name to – Sunday Selects. Mainly because I didn’t really want a swear in the title of a blog post. I have no problem with swearing on my blog or on social (obviously) but I didn’t love having it be the first impression of individual posts.

And second, the month of May has been wild and blogging has honestly been thee last thing on my mind. But I’m definitely ready to get back into it! Let’s go!

*edc – We braved weather, wind and cold this year but had an amazing time regardless! Full recap coming tomorrow!

*The 90’s are BACK – As a child of the 90’s who didn’t get to fully participate in all of the wild and crazy trends I. AM. THRILLED. I want all the jean jackets, floral print and fishnet. The photo above is my modern take on the 90’s. I don’t know if I got it right but I am wearing Vans, Sublime socks and space buns so I’m doing something right.

*Jackie O Flow Presets – One of the hosts of my faaavorite morning show, The Morning Toast, came out with her very own presets! If you don’t know what a preset is – it helps enhance and correct your photos to give them a more aesthetically pleasing look. All of Jackie’s presets enhance, brighten and infuse photos with light and color and I am loving them. This photo of me in my favorite edc outifit ever has a Jackie O Flow preset on it and I think it makes it even better. The photos above the edc and 90’s blurb were also edited with the presets. Find them at:

*Aperol Spritz – Call it basic but I am loving the Aperol Spritz. It’s light and refreshing for a nice summer day or brunch on a patio. The New York Times recently wrote a scathing article in which they called them “not a good drink”. If you saw me on Instagram, I came back and told the New York Times to “suck it.” I said what I said. Primrose then promptly named me “Protector of the Spritz” which is a title I will gladly wear from here on out.

*S’mores Oreos – Oreo seems to have some pretty creative people working for them these days. I love a good S’more and I was pleasantly surprised at this flavor. The graham flavored cookies are not usually my favorite but this cookie works. Highly recommend – found at Target.

*Stanley Cup Final Match Up – If I’m being honest I just really wanted an excuse to post this meme. Did you know the last time St. Louis was in the Stanley Cup Final was in 1970 playing Boston?? Wild history factoid that my dad shared with me. I love a good sports storyline so this final should be exciting!

*The Game of Thrones Finale – It’s taken me the last week to fully process and digest what actually down and I will say that I am satisfied with how things ended. I’m not, however, thrilled with how we got there. That’s all I will say because I’m not one for spoilers like this.

*PODCAST: Recovering From Reality – Remember the E! show “Pretty Wild” that followed the insane lives of three sisters growing up in Hollywood trying to get famous and instead become infamous? They had connections to the Bling Ring robberies and, as we later learned, severe addiction issues. Well Alexis is doing much better now and has her own podcast! She discusses health, wellness and recovery. Plus her voice is quite soothing which I really enjoy. Full on obsessed with her podcast.

*PODCAST: To Live & Die in LA – This story is wild. There are so many twists and turns that are fascinating. It follows the 2018 disappearance of a young model and actress in Hollywood and calls into question her relationship with her boyfriend. I love true crime and cases that are set in Los Angeles are truly fascinating to me. This podcast did not disappoint.

*Doin’ Time – Lana Del Rey – Okay, covering Sublime is a highly controversial topic and I was fully prepared to not like this song. Lana left me pleasantly surprised. This is the way to honor Sublime. The change in tempo is soothing, satisfying and perfect for a hazy summer day.

*Nightmare – Halsey – When this song popped up on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist as I was driving to work, I lost it. This is officially my new favorite song of the summer. It’s aggressive, intense and so, so catchy. I am obsessed. She killed this one.

*bad guy – Billie Eilish- So if I’m being honest, I can’t decide how I feel about her music. I admire her individuality and her artistic expression but never really liked her music. This song, however, has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks and it’s really grown on me. I’m not ready to fully dive in yet, but if you have a song recommendation that I need to hear send it my way.

*Better Not – Louis The Child – Slander played this during edc last weekend and I was 1000% that girl in the crowd Googling the lyrics. I finally found the song and have been playing it nonstop throughout the week. The funny part is – I found a screenshot from someone’s Insta Story of this exact song from about a month ago in my Camera Roll. Apparently I never got around to looking it up. Crazy.

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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