2019 stanley cup predictions

It’s THEE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Aka the NHL Playoffs are officially here and they start TONIGHT! So let’s get started with my initial thoughts about the match ups and the Playoffs as a whole.

First, I think that this year could quite honestly be anyone’s tournament (with a couple of exceptions) – Colorado and Carolina don’t strike me as contenders as of now. But who knows how they’ll perform?! We’ll see…and please remember these are all opinions. If you’re taking this seriously to the point of heart palpitations you might need some fresh air.

Round 1 Thoughts:

I think the most exciting match ups during this round are: Vegas Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators vs Dallas Stars, Winnipeg Jets vs St. Louis Blues and Boston vs Toronto. These are the games I’ll be paying attention to for the next week or so and I think that whoever makes it out of these series will have the best chance throughout the rest of the tournament.

Here is my complete bracket aka MIRACLE SZN:

At some point during the creation of this bracket, my logical brain flew out the window and Playoff Brain made its way back into my life. Which is probably why I have a Western Conference Final rematch between Winnipeg and Vegas and Vegas playing Boston in the Finals. This point conveniently brings me to a few other hot takes I have about all of this…

*Washington vs New York Islanders in Round 2 resulting in the Islanders coming out on top – I can’t take credit for this idea, that goes to my brother Chris, but I know a good thought when I see it. I think the Barry Trotz of it all really has me hoping for some drama here.

*Nashville vs Dallas – Dallas advancing – Another good point brought up by my friend Liv. She said she could see Dallas going a lot further than we all expected. Again, interesting point that I’m jumping on board with.

*Winnipeg vs St. Louis – Another interesting and featured series for Round 1. I personally think this will go to seven games but in the end Winnipeg will make it through. Winnipeg still has that bitter taste in their mouth from last year and St. Louis is hot. And I’m still out here hoping for some drama.

*SURPRISING DEVELOPMENT – I wouldn’t mind seeing Washington do well. I know, I KNOW! But the 2018 Stanley Cup winning team is not what I’m salty about going into this and I think they are great team in general. The only thing I’m salty about is Game 2 from Round 2 of last year when they called goaltender interference and took away the game winning goal from Vegas causing San Jose to win. See? Plenty of salt over here.

Overall, I’m just plain excited to get this tournament underway. Teams either take their playing to new levels or end up getting swept when all they did was talk shit about the new team (looking at you LA, not sorry). I think by Saturday morning, we’ll have a better idea about what we can expect during Round 1. Two games can tell a lot about a team’s post season story and that’s the beauty of hockey…it’s not just one and done have fun golfing.

I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting updates here as the tournament goes on. But where you can find me posting about hockey is my Instagram. I’ll be losing my mind, being snarky, stressing out and just generally enjoying the adrenaline of the post season.

LFG!!!! : D And please remember…


Author: Jess

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