march monthly challenge wrap up + reflection

Wow. March seemed to fly on by! Can you believe it??

If we’re being honest it did not seem like it was flying by in the middle of some of those tough workout classes but overall yes – it came and went in a flash! If you read this post at the beginning of last month or if you’ve been following along on my Insta, you know that I’ve been working my butt off to complete my gym’s 30 classes in 30 days challenge.

Well folks, I can happily say I COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE! And at some point last week I didn’t think it was going to happen. Let’s set up the journey, shall we?

Week 1: I started off on the right foot (“what’s the point if you don’t start on day 1?”) and even found myself ahead. This was my plan from the beginning because I knew I would have friends in town for two weekends and wouldn’t be able to attend Tru every single day. So I felt good!

Week 2: I was feeling strong and definitely on track. I even got comfortable and took a day off. There were several days I resisted going at all. I resisted hard, but I’m proud of myself for pushing through and making it to the classes.

Week 3: In the week between having friends in town I got knocked out by an insane cold. I stayed home from work for three days and did not move. This was a big lesson in self-care. Normally, I would have just gone to work and the gym and struggled through the whole thing. This would inevitably prolong the cold and keep me sicker for longer. This time was completely different. Jess shut down for business and could only be found popping Zicam and re-starting The Sopranos. And it was hands-down thee best decision I made all month. Which meant I had some catching up to do.

Week 4: The last week of the challenge and it was down to the wire. So I had to do what I had to do to complete this challenge for myself because at the beginning I told myself I was going to complete it. At the beginning of the week, I sat down and mapped out a crazy schedule that would result in me succeeding. This included taking three classes per day for three days. Wild, I know, but totally possible. The whole month I had been building my physical strength up for this, so I made sure to pay extra attention to my mental strength. I also told myself that for the week, completing this challenge was the only thing that mattered. No time for Vanderpump Rules or going out after work or staying up late. I didn’t even do dishes (gross I know) but I told myself our number 1 priority was finishing classes. That week I got to be the person who finished what they said they were going to, whatever it took. And that felt damn good.

I’ve learned that physical challenges not only change bodies, but transform minds. And both of those things are catalysts to change entire lives and their trajectories. To be honest with you, I feel like a completely different person. My mindset has transformed even more so than it has in the last six months. In my head now, we’re just gonna do the damn thing no questions asked. I’ve learned a lot about myself – weaknesses, strengths, where I play mental games, how I subconsciously sabotage myself.

Something I found very interesting about this challenge was that some days I had to step out of my comfort zone to try new classes and new teachers. I found this to be a very positive experience (except for one teacher but that’s the exception, not the rule) because not only do you get a unique workout, you get to hear a different take on the mindset. Inevitably, different teachers are in different places in their lives with different wisdom to share. Hearing some of these things really struck a chord with me and forced me to look at situations taking place outside of the gym differently. It goes back to the mind/body connection – it’s ALL connected. It’s amazing.

The biggest piece of personal development I discovered out of this – the thesis statement of the challenge if you will is this:

“Your motivation for your destination has to be more powerful than your current mood.”

I came up with this and it inspired me all at the same time. Like wow. How easy is it to fall into the “I’m tired, I’ll just do it tomorrow. It’s just one unhealthy choice…etc”? And those decisions add up and get us to places we don’t want to be. AKA me last year when I was majorly slacking on my health and wellness. Looking back I can say that I was not in a place I wanted to be at all. I was not working out enough and my mindset was absolute shit. Absolutely. But I’m thankful for that time because now, looking back, I fully believe that was the low point I needed to hit in order to start climbing to this new peak and new, elevated way of life. I know I’ll always have ups and downs, especially as someone with anxiety and depression but I feel like I’m learning some effective tools to deal with my own personal brand of chaos.

And there will always be obstacles that come up and stand in your way. For example, me getting sick randomly and missing three days of the gym. Or like the story I told on my Instagram story about the stop lights not working and me thinking that I wasn’t going to make it to a class. I’m so serious. The stop lights at this major intersection by my house randomly get stuck and don’t turn to green so if you’re in the lane of the broken stop light, the green light will pass you by and you won’t get to turn. This happened to me one night and I finally had to flip out and around and make the turn from the opposite side of the street. Then as I continued on my way, I hit every single red light. I thought I wasn’t going to get to the gym and get a spot in the class in time and it was the last class of the night. But I made it and I refused to give up until I did. This was a major obstacle/breakthrough for me.

In those moments, I had to figure out what it would take for me to overcome the obstacles. These are the moments when the transformation comes, when you’re forced to dig deep inside and figure out how to make it through. And the more we learn how to handle these situations, the better equipped we are for the next round.

Overall, I am so incredibly proud of myself for completing this challenge. I’ve created momentum that I believe will carry me through the rest of the year and even the rest of my life. A lofty to thing to say, of course, but I’m continuing to see all the places where I have shortcomings and how to combat them. I truly feel like I’m becoming the next version of myself and since I’m also beginning to feel cheesy, I will start wrapping this up.

I highly recommend challenging yourself, you never know what you are capable of until you just try. Notice I say try –  because that’s all it takes! You are the only person who can determine whether you are succeeding or failing. And that is the best part.

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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