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PARTY AT THE COSMO! Come get lost in the WONDERLAND that is The COSMOPOLITAN…it’s a world inside itself.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one of my favorite hotels to go to on The Strip. Located south of The Bellagio and capping the block, it stands 603 feet tall and has 51 floors with 3,027 rooms. It’s the tallest building in Las Vegas, beating out the Aria by three feet. The whole vibe of the hotel and casino is modern, trendy Vegas meets funky, unique design with a dash of old Vegas.

This is the kind of casino I want to come to – flashy, opulent, sparkly. Truly a dream. A place where you get absolutely absorbed in the experience of decor and ambiance. It’s easy to get lost in this place, but unlike Alice in Wonderland…this is the place you want to lose track of time in while wandering.

It’s one of those locations where you are completely surrounded by what and who you want to be and exactly how you want to feel.

There are so many hidden corners to explore. Signature purple can be found everywhere. The artwork is incredible and surprising. Every casino in Vegas has a signature scent – it’s a part of the branding and marketing. The Cosmo’s is one of my absolute favorites. To say this hotel does it right, is an understatement.

So here’s how to PARTY AT THE COSMO, the Jess way ; )


*The Chandelier

This has to be my absolute favorite cocktail lounge in all of Vegas! After years of passing by, taking photos and riding the escalator only to peer through the crystals to see fabulous people drinking fabulous beverages, my dear friends brought me in to experience it all for myself!

This bar has three different levels, all with various hours of operation. Level 1 appears as a typical lobby bar, albeit still fabulous and is open 24 hours. Level 2 (formally called Level 1.5) has a much different feel and is open from 6pm – 2am. You sit in the middle of the actual chandelier to sip these crazy beverages and everything, I mean everything is a purple filter. Lastly we have Level 3 (formally called Level 2) which is decked out in an Alice in Wonderland theme and open from 11am – 4am.

I usually make my way to Level 1.5 because they have my absolute favorite drink in the world. It’s not on the menu and is only available on this level. I honestly don’t even know what’s in it, but I do know it is the best experience I’ve had with a cocktail…ever. The Verbena is incredible and if you ask a server on Level 1.5, they will hook it up.

we’re all mad here
we’re all mad here

I also highly recommend We’re All Mad Here. This cocktail is gin-based, changes colors and, similar to The Verbena, is an experienced based drink. Besides being a highly Instagramable spot, it’s a great place to relax and sip somethin’ while feeling fabulous. Don’t feel bad if you’re not wearing a ball gown – I’ve been there after hockey games wearing an actual jersey and before shows wearing jeans and a nice top. Just walk in prepared to drink the best beverage of your life…because you are.



Jaleo is hands-down my favorite restaurant in Vegas. Chef Josè Andrès created this amazing tapas restaurant that brings a taste of Spain to The Cosmo! Chef is actually from the region in Spain where I did my study abroad and every time I eat here I miss the country incredibly.

The menu is broken down into sections based on types of foods – meats, cheeses, soups, salads, seafood, etc. They all come as small plates (tapas) for the table to share and I kid you not when I say, everything I have eaten there is fantastic. While this is an extremely helpful recommendation (lol no it’s not), I’ll list a few of my absolute faves now.

Faves: Chorizo ibérico de bellota Fermín, Tichi’s Gazpacho, Carne asada, Croquetas de pollo, Costillas de cordero

costillas de cordero
tichi’s gazpacho

croquetas de pollo
goat’s milk cheesecake

For dessert, ask about the goat’s milk cheesecake. I couldn’t find it on the menu but I know for a fact that they have it…and it is amazing.

ultimate gin & tonic
margarita donostiarra

The cocktails here are also expertly crafted. Gin & Tonic is a very popular cocktail in the region of Spain where Chef is from and when I was living there I drank them all the time. I highly recommend the Ultimate Gin & Tonic –  a classic cocktail that is just good. No surprises. I also suggest the Margarita Donostiarra. This marg is from the region in Spain where my family hails from (San Sebastian) and has some heat to it.

This is a great place to have a social dinner. And I do mean social, the last time we ate there we shared our plates with the people at the table next to us. Complete strangers becoming friends over a meal – a true testament to the Spanish dining culture! (But don’t worry, you don’t have to share with your neighbor lolol.)

Located on Level 3 of the Boulevard Tower, Jaleo is open from Noon – Midnight Friday/Saturday and Noon – 11pm Sunday – Thursday.


*Secret Pizza

The best place to stop by to grab a late night snack or mid-day munch. It’s a classic spot where I’ve stopped after leaving the club, after leaving concerts, after drinking copious amounts of adult beverages and need a pit stop to get my life back together. This is thee spot! Located on level 3.


*Egg Slut

SUCH a good breakfast sandwich. It’s a great option for when you are hungover and missed “brunch hours” or when you literally cannot find a spot open for brunch on a weekday.


the 1975 at the boulevard pool
dustin lynch at the chelsea

*Concerts at The Chelsea + Boulevard Pool

I’ve seen both Dustin Lynch and Luke Combs inside The Chelsea and The 1975 outside at The Boulevard Pool. Each of these experiences were spectacular. I think The Cosmo does a great job of saturating their vibe throughout all corners of the property.


*CLUB – Marquee

Now I’m gonna be honest with y’all, Marquee is not my most favorite club to go to on The Strip. While the interior is absolutely stunning (like the rest of the hotel), I find it to be very crowded on busy nights. So crowded that it makes it difficult to move around inside the club (more so than at others). If you take it outside to the pool area, you can still get a drink and hear the DJ, which is what I recommend.

Fun fact – this was actually the very first club I came to on my first trip to Vegas. We danced to Kaskade and I saw the city through sparkly, electric lavender-colored glasses. I like to think this where I had the initial “hey, I could move here” thought.

*SUMMER – Movies at The Boulevard Pool

Every Summer starting in May, you can attend Monday night movies at The Boulevard Pool. It is free for guests, $7 for non-guests and chairs are first come, first served. What a fun way to spend a night! You can find the schedule here: https://www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com/dive-in-movies

ice rink

ice rink

*WINTER – Ice Skating Rink at The Boulevard Pool

During the Winter, The Boulevard Pool transforms into a winter wonderland! Along with an actual ice skating rink, you can catch snowflakes periodically throughout the night, order speciality winter drinks and purchase a s’more making kit for your apres-skate enjoyment! The ice skating rink opens again this Winter.


I find The Cosmo overall to be highly Instagramable, but here are a few key elements to be sure to seek out during your stay!

*The Photos, The Chairs,The Decor, The DETAILS – Scattered throughout the hotel are these great pieces of art and old school Vegas photos. I love wandering around the secret corners of this place, finding details at every turn. The amount of attention this hotel has put into the details of the decor is phenomenal. Random, yet gorgeous this place is thee definition of funky and Instagram-worthy. Check out some of my field research findings below:

overlook hotel vibes am i right??

See you in Wonderland! ❤

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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