stop bashing vegas // how this works

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share some thoughts and explain my philosophy on the blog in general.

I started this blog as a way to share my favorite places in Vegas, things the outside world might not know about Vegas and my personal thoughts/ramblings about life in general. When I moved here 3 1/2 years ago, I never thought I would love the city as much as I do now. I truly feel like this is a special place and we are so much more than strip clubs and casinos. Real people with jobs and families and struggles and hobbies live here and work very hard to make this city function. Those in the service industry working front of house have it the hardest because they deal with demanding customers all day. And not all of those customers are gracious, patient or even kind.

So when I see certain other local bloggers bashing our city, it hurts and it fires me up. We’ve all heard Vegas horror stories and it’s true, crazy shit does happen in this city. But you have to look at other cities too – New York, Chicago, LA – the list goes on and the chaos comes right along with it. That’s just the nature of a city. And sure maybe you had a terrible experience at a restaurant but that doesn’t mean everyone does or that the restaurant should be shunned.

Which brings me to my philosophy – support what you love instead of bashing what you hate. What is posted on the Internet lives forever. I never want to write a horrible review of something because a – I feel bad and b –  maybe it was just an off night. I’ve been to restaurants where I’ve had extremely rude servers one night and then the next visit was an absolute pleasure. So it’s a difficult position and I’m not a “critic”…I’m just sharing what I think you should check out in my city. I also want to do my part to not spread negativity. This is a fine balance but I fully believe you can be honest without being negative.

Which brings me to my second point – just because I haven’t talked about something on the blog or my Instagram doesn’t mean I’m avoiding posting about it because I had a bad experience. Most of the time it means I either haven’t written about it yet or I haven’t been there yet. So be patient! And! If you have a place you would like me to check out, let me know and I will be happy to go on an adventure!

The only exception to this is if I experience a legitimate health hazard or dangerous situation. Then you will be sure to get a little chat from me.

I hope this clears some things up! I’m working on an About Me post that will go live in the next couple weeks so if you have any questions let me know on Instagram and I will include some!

Happy Wednesday Y’all! We made it through Tuesday!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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