shit i love sunday #3

Hi, Hey, Hello. It’s that time of the week again – Shit I Love Sunday!

I’m actually super impressed with and proud of myself for consistently producing this post every other Sunday! Yay, look at me improving at this blogger thang! Lately, it’s been a lot more of the same around here so we have some simple, yet satisfying things I’ve been enjoying lately. Here we go! –

*Heritage Store Rosewater Spray – love this stuff! Jackie Schimmel of The Bitch Bible podcast raves about this so much that I had to check it out. I’ve been using it for a while but took a break when I found a different spray at Target. Long story short, I am so glad I picked up a new bottle of this because I missed it terribly. Lesson learned: only buy this stuff! Make sure to get the Heritage Store brand because it is not stinky or sticky or weird at all. Other rosewater sprays I’ve tried have this awful smell, but this product is so refreshing. I get mine at the Whole Foods but I’ve also heard it’s available at Thrive Market.

an example of this insane camera

*iPhone XS MAX – After a long two years it was finally time for me to upgrade my phone! I had the iPhone 7 Plus and I did not want to part with it at all. It was the best phone I’ve ever had! (Besides my red RAZR because that thing was AWESOME!) The speaker on my old phone was funky and I couldn’t record videos with clear sound unless I was using Snapchat – weird I know and we never figured out why. At first I did not want the XS MAX because it didn’t have a home button, but now nine days later I am in love with this phone! It’s so responsive, the screen is crystal clear with the True Tone display and the camera is AMAZE. Highly recommend.

*RY X, Unfurl – Oh Em Gee. This man y’all, he’s amazing. His music is so soothing. His voice is so haunting. This is the kind of music you put on a moody/woods/coffee playlist. “Unfurl” satisfies my soul and it only came out on Friday. My first introduction to RY X was on a Kaskade remix of “Only” and when I finally heard the original version, I became obsessed. There’s not much more I can say because good music speaks for itself. Check him out.

Favorite tracks: Body – Ambient, Bound, Body Sun, Hounds, The Water, Mallorca, Sun – Ambient, Fumbling Prayer

*Ariana Grande, thank u next – Yes, I know, she’s back on my favorites list and I’m not sorry. I’ve fallen in love with her over the last couple of years and have also gained so much respect for her after all the hell she’s been through. I truly feel for her and can relate to some things she’s experienced. I think she has an absolutely beautiful voice and I’m so thankful she added a Vegas date to her tour in May! Still need to grab those tickets though…

Favorite Tracks: imagine, NASA, bloodline, bad idea, make up, ghostin, in my head, 7 rings, break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

*Stephen King “On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft” – Apparently every writer who is writing their first book ever reads this memoir. So I decided to jump on board and start reading. This book has made me realize just how much I admire Stephen King. All of his books have been worldwide best sellers. That is an amazing accomplishment. I also learned that he has quite the sense of humor. He is now on my list of famous people to have dinner with along with Frank Sinatra, Tom Brady and Mason Ramsey.


Happy Sunday! : ]

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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