it all starts here | marathon monday #1

Here we are again folks, Marathon Mondays are back in full swing. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I’ve been running for years now. After completing my fourth half marathon last year – the Rock n Roll Vegas Half Marathon, it is officially time to begin training for my very first full marathon. Again, Rock n Roll Vegas on November 11! My original plan last year was to run the full marathon, but I didn’t fully commit to my training plan (I finally feel comfortable admitting that) and after 1 October my anxiety about running that race was major.

For those that don’t know, the Rock n Roll Vegas race includes the Las Vegas Strip in its course. It was also the first major event on The Strip after the shooting. I pride myself on being able to push through anxiety and fear and do the thing anyway. I was always going to run last year – I had to. However, my body took on that fear and that stress and it caused my legs and hips to tighten and spasm. In the end, last year was not the year to attempt a full marathon, because I wanted to be able to enjoy the experience. This year will be different.

If you’re familiar with how I do things, you know I post every Monday during my training program and it’s totally random as to what I talk about. Sometimes I have a run that enlightens me and it’s so easy to write a weekly update. Other times I have a completely “normal” week and it’s like pulling teeth to post.

You may be asking yourself “Jess…the marathon is in November. It is June. Isn’t it a little early to start training?” Well, yes it might be for some. For me, however, it is just right. I personally need this kind of time because, even though I procrastinate a ton, I also happen to hate the feeling of being rushed. Go figure. I’m a Sagittarius. It’s fine.

This week, I want to list out my intentions for the race. I’m not at a point where my race time is important to me, however, this course does have a time limit which I’ve had to take into consideration.

1 – Run the entire course. I don’t want to walk any of it and I definitely don’t want to be picked up by the golf cart and driven to the finish line. Lol.

2 – Finish the race.

And that’s really it y’all.

My biggest, someday goal is to complete the Boston Marathon, but I foresee quite a few steps accomplished between then and now. So at this moment in time, I’m really okay with finishing a race while running as much of it as possible. I didn’t take up running until I was 20 years old, I’m no expert in this field, or on this track lol. Simple goals are exactly what satisfy me at this point in time.

I just got back from my first run of the training program and I am excited to fully dive into this adventure!

Happy Monday!


Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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