a day late, a buck short| MAY 1/4 LIFE THOUGHTS

I’m writing the report on losing and failing…

Yeah I know it’s May and there was no April 1/4 Life Thoughts. I’m not sorry, however, because playoff hockey, work and my new found GTL routine have taken over my life. And also if you know me and this blog, consistency and commitment are not my thing. However! We’re trying to get better here. I have at least 4 years until I need to get it together and remain socially acceptable. Possibly three and a half. Oh well, here we go –

1 – I made my triumphant return to Chili’s in April and sampled the Watermelon Margarita. It was so tasty and I highly recommend. Order has been restored.

2 – Do I actually like Rose or am I being indoctrinated? Because I’m not really sure if I like Rose.

3 – I watched Wild Wild Country on Netflix and then wore an orange dress to work the next day without realizing what I was doing. My boss who had also seen the show pointed it out to me and I was SHOOK. How did this happen?

4 – I still don’t know the difference between “paid” and “payed” – this is probably not okay.

5 – I still don’t know how to spell vacuum without autocorrect and this is probably not okay.

6 – I successfully attended an extremely intense (and bullshit) second round playoff hockey game with my best friend while cheering for opposite teams. We had so much fun drunkenly screaming “Touchdown!” and “Hole in One!” and “Sports!” that we made everyone around us so mad. It was fantastic.

7 – I’ve learned recently that everyone low-key loves country music and no one is willing to admit it to each other. Come on y’all, it’s not that embarrassing!

8 – I’m beginning to think that I’m too old to understand this trendy fashion stuff. I give up. I’ll just stick to jeans and band tee.

9 – Turn off your damn phone in an office waiting room.

10 – Turn off your damn voice in an office waiting room.

11 – Do they really think that little seat belt is going to do anything in the event of a plane crash?? Like if anything goes down (like the plane), we are SCREWED.

12 – I finally see where mental math pays off – when you need to figure out a tip for your nail tech as they watch you.

13 – JUSTICE FOR GROCERY JOE! Yes I’m back to watching The Bachelorette.

14 – While I may not really believe in jinxes, I won’t end this post on the number 13. Because, Vegas.

15 – I traveled to Idaho at the end of May to see baby bro graduate from HIGH SCHOOl. Damn, I am old.

16 – We’re starting to hit triple digits and we’re watching Stanley Cup Final hockey games. Oh the irony! Go Knights GO!

Happy Summer Y’all! I took a selfie! Short and sweet this month because you don’t do a ton of realizing about yourself when all you’re doing is drinking beer and watching hockey. Maybe next month I’ll have a crazy revelation. Maybe not. Stay tune!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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