2018 bucket list | q1 check-in

A bucket list is only as successful as you are committed to it. Which is why I’ve decided to do a brief check-in every quarter. And I’m doing this by quarter because I am a businesswoman and do deals in terms of quarters like the professional business people do. Just kidding, I don’t actually do deals…I just listen to company status updates every quarter. Thrilling stuff people, thrilllllingggg.

As I was looking back on my bucket list, I realized there are several items that I won’t be able to gauge in terms of success until the end of the year. Which is fine, we’ll just make it up as we go aka how I live my life.

Here we go… (Review my personal bucket list – HERE!)

Item #4 – Finally see a Golden Knights game in person. (Edit: I saw two in December so this one needs adjusting)…finally see Marc-Andre Fleury play in person. I’ve only been when Subban is in goal and he’s stressing me out lately.

  • I have officially seen Fleury in goal three times, so, mission complete! One of those games happened to be against Vancouver when Subban came in during the second period. He made some fantastic saves and officially eliminated the heart palpitations that came along with his appearances. I also recently heard that he has never lost a shutout for the Knights. Which is super impressive. So I say he can stay. Because it’s all up to me don’tcha know?

Item #6 – Go into the Excalibur Casino. It’s the only one on The Strip I’ve never been in. No lie.

  • After the Golden Knights vs. Flyers game, the fam and I decided to cross the street and enter the magical gates of the Excalibur. It was anticlimactic, however, I was impressed/slightly concerned about the basement kid’s arcade. Growing up, all my friends went to Vegas with their parents and came to said arcade. Of course, I was jealous and begged my parents to take me. And they finally did…26 years later. I will be going back eventually to attend the Tournament of Kings (similar to Medieval Times) and to also eat at Dick’s Last Resort. Just adding more items to the list.

Item #17 – Say no to more things I don’t want/don’t have time to do without feeling bad about it. Boundaries are beautiful.

  • I’m getting better about not saying yes to everything. While I love being open and socializing, it’s been nice to take a step back and make sure I don’t burn myself (or my wallet) out. It could also be that the weather was absolute shit up until a week ago. And yes the weather determines my socialization habits now. All because I moved to Vegas.


That’s all I have for now! Happy Spring! Stay tuned this week for some longer content I’ve been working on!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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