Pardon my basic-ness for a minute, but – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY APRIL (tomorrow)?? Yeah, me neither. I feel like the last two months have flown by and I have not been productive at all.

To be obvious, I haven’t really blogged and to be honest, I haven’t really run or worked out at all. But, if I have been learning anything  recently it’s that you have to allow yourself to be where you are even if it’s not a great place. In my case I’ve just been lazy. And I have been lazy because the weather has been absolute shit which causes me to have seasonal depression.

I always thought season depression was some excuse people gave because they couldn’t handle the cold weather, but after moving to the desert and experiencing pool days in late February I realized that yes, in fact, I had been dealing with seasonal depression growing up. And again when it finally started to warm up this week I realized, my laziness was caused by seasonal depression. Life is all about learning, growing and being honest with ourselves. No one gave any of us a rule book – we’re all just making it up as we go along.

Now…let’s commence with the random shit that was on my brain this month –

1 – Why are people so skeptical of psychics yet trust their daily weathermen? THEY DO THE SAME EXACT JOB. Think about that one.

2 – I did not eat at Chili’s this month, therefore breaking my two-month streak. We had a good run, but this summer bod is not gonna make itself.

3 – Why do I have to watch an ad on a Youtube video of an ad?

4 – If you saw one of my Insta Stories this week you’ll know all about one of my guilty pleasures: the movie We Are Your Friends. It’s a terribly written movie that portrays the EDM scene in the worst way possible. Yet, I secretly love/hate it. I love that Emily Ratajkowski (girl crush) and Zac Efron (man crush) have this weird, slow burning sexual tension. I hate most of the other characters. I love that Brittany Furlan (recent obsession) and Dillon Francis (fun guy) make a cameo. I hate hate hate the way they make EDM fans look. I love the youthful, care-free vibe in the beginning. Anyway. I don’t recommend you watch it and I request you do not judge me for this.

5 – POKER IS NOT A SPORT! (Insta friends know.)

6 – One of my favorite quotes comes from one of my favorite books – The Great Gatsby – 

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

And I really feel that way. I feel so much more alive and light now. Once again I’m motivated to write, go to the gym, be outside, enjoy life and do all the things!

day after daylight savings sunrise

7 – I’ve lived here for almost three years and I still can’t discern which way the weather moves across the valley. I was driving this month and I couldn’t figure out if I was driving into or out of a storm. It’s cool.

8 – I was told at work this week, by a man, that I would not be able to replace the water jug in the water cooler because it was “too heavy.” Okay first of all, fuck you. Second of all, excuse, I lift. Third of all, I replaced it on Friday and let the office know, loudly.

9 – I am so fascinated by grown women supporting a losing, away team in the home team’s arena. At one of the Knights games I went to this month, we were seated next to the only Vancouver supporter in the section. She was super obnoxious and her husband didn’t even want to be around her (he was a Knights fan btw.) The Knights absolutely spanked Vancouver and this lady progressively got quieter and quieter throughout the game. It was hilarious how childish she was acting. BUT TO BE FAIR – I got the same way when we failed to win against the Flyers. Which brings me to –

Canuck fan to our left was cut out on purpose. lol.

10 – A FLYER IS NOT A REAL MASCOT. What is a “Flyer”? Is it a tangible item? Please tell me if it is because I find this so ridiculous.

11 – Tonight is the last regular season game for our beloved, playoff-bound Golden Knights! We are playing San Jose and tickets are insane so I’m out here getting my oil changed and trying my best to manifest some tickets. We’ll see…

my favorite place ❤
my brother found this on twitter. i love twitter. this is our goalie for those not aware.


Q1 of the year is officially complete! (Hate that I think in office terms.) I’m ready for the next few months and:

  • Warmer weather!
  • Getting a tan!
  • Summer Songs!


Peace out March!

from the bellagio conservatory’s current display – so much pink and i’m obsessed!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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