7 minutes in..uh..where are we? | FEBRUARY 1/4 LIFE THOUGHTS

Let’s just start because…

1 – I found the cover photo literally 10 minutes after I posted last month’s 1/4 Life Thoughts. And then three days later took this photo of Romanesco Cauliflower in a Whole Foods. Which I had also never heard of. Every damn thing comes back around y’all.

and evidently it’s the year of posting unflattering selfies…

2- OMG DIDN’T FEBRUARY FLY BY?  Yes, yes it did. I feel like January took 7 years and February took 7 minutes. And I was less than productive. Whatever, it is what it is.

3 – Remotes are seriously the best invention. I can’t imagine having to sit so close to the tv just to push the buttons. And, spoiler alert, THEY DON’T EVEN MAKE TVs WITH BUTTONS ON THEM ANYMORE. I mean, at least mine doesn’t have any. What a day, what a life. Better not lose that thing.

4 – I’m over autocorrect turning my lowercase i’s into uppercase i’s. It’s really messing up my Instagram aesthetic and yes I do in fact hate myself for discussing extremely superficial topics thus far. Trust me, I’m self-aware.

5 – I’m disturbed by the fact that some people truly never grow up and insist on handling real-life, adult scenarios as if they were still in jr. high. Like, really? That’s an extremely petty time in life to suddenly be thrown back into.

6 – Why didn’t my condo come with draperies and why do I have to spend my energy on finding them? (Update: I officially have curtain rods and curtains hung in every single room that requires them! And I was picky af because I NEVER want to go on that kind of search for them EVER again!)

welcome to a photo exploration of me hating shopping for window treatments. location: home goods
welcome to the conclusion of the aforementioned photo exploration. location: bed bath & beyond

7 – I am very much over and done with the Olympics. I didn’t watch any event until the AMAZING women’s hockey team GOLD MEDAL WINNING game against Canada. Freaking incredible. I cried on my Insta Story.

8 – You can never compare your relationships with different people. Even if there are similarities, they will never ever be the same and that can be a difficult thing to remember.

9 – As y’all will learn soon, being a tourist in your own town can be fun. And…you don’t have to go to a club to have a wild night while meeting interesting characters.

10 – The day after our tourist extravaganza (post coming soon!), we ate hungover Chili’s and the first thing our very lovely server told us about were the “Best Frozen Margaritas ever!” At 4am we were saying “never again” yet at 1pm we said “yeah, sure one more won’t hurt.”

Side Note – Am I going to eat Chili’s every single month this year?? As you know, I Postmated Chilis last month. (There is a very enticing watermelon margarita coming to a Chili’s near you on March 6th. Chili’s please sponsor me!!)

11 – Just when you think life is going decently and every thing is smooth sailing, people will decide to step out of their own lane and surprise the absolute fuck out of you. Be prepared!

12 – I feel like my spelling is just getting worse as the years go on. Earlier in this post, I tried to spell meeting like this -> “meating.” To be fair, I’m quite hungry at the moment.

13 – I AM FREEZING. I need spring weather. I need a sunny pool day and a beverage. I’m open for a Chili’s beverage.

14 – We saw G-Eazy last Sunday and he was fantastic. Obsessed.



Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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