the economical value of a roomba | JANUARY 1/4 LIFE THOUGHTS

So I’m doing this new thing: a series featuring thoughts I find myself having that really don’t belong anywhere else. This could be in terms of who to share them with, how to share them or if their content falls into the category of “adulting.” (Honestly, I started hating this term when I heard someone in the bathroom at work complaining about how taking the garbage out was too much “adulting” for her. I’m sorry but that’s not “adulting” that’s just good hygiene and home maintenance.)

Enter –  “1/4 Life Thoughts” 

At the end of each month this year, I am going to post my “1/4 Life Thoughts” aka the thoughts that don’t belong anywhere else/may or may not be about “adulting.” (I need a new term.)

And yes, I’m capitalizing on my millennial-status. #UseYourResources

I guess to start this series off, I really need to discuss my thoughts on being 1/4 of the way through my life. I’ve learned that 25 is a year where you acknowledge you are at “Quarter-Life Crisis” status, but you don’t really understand it (at least I didn’t). Since turning 26, I’ve begun to realize how old I am and how quickly the years go by at this point in the timeline of my existence. So everything I thought would be a good idea to do last year but never got around to, is going to on the to-do list this year. Because we’re one step closer to death by the minute. Pleasant.

Now that I’ve begun this post with that bit of depressing truth, let’s continue on to the actual point:

My January 1/4 Life Thoughts…

  • First of all, in reference to this image I found on @WholeSale4Creative’s Instagram as seen above, I fully acknowledge January as my “Orientation to 2018.” I mean, it was fine, but it could have been better. I didn’t fully complete the Whole30 or my 30 days of yoga challenge. More importantly, I know exactly where I went wrong and what I need to do differently throughout the rest of the year. I would say that is success.


  • I never imagined I would have such an opinion of the proper placement of a roll of toilet paper on the holder. I now know that if the loose end of paper does not fold over the roll…there will be hell to pay. Overs for life.


  • I totally see the economical value of a Roomba. Finally. It could be that I’m far too invested in keeping my wood floors free of crumbs and my shedding hair. Gross I know but I’m being “transparent.”

  • I truly thought I would encounter so many more skunks in my life based on how many times I was instructed on the Tomato Juice Bath Method. Maybe that’s just a “Childhood in Idaho” thing. (Let me know.) As far as I’m concerned, the only “skunks” I smell are my neighbors taking advantage of the dispensary down the street.


  • For the first time in my life, I’m beginning to see how a guy who is just as fascinated by serial killers as I am is, in all honesty, presenting a giant red flag and I should avoid at all costs. Progress.


  • I was recently reminded of a time last January during the CES conference when I was approached by some guys at Hakkasan asking if I would be interested in doing marketing for the Aerospace Industry. They were met with a shocked looked because do I look like I want to do that?


  • Still not sure what CES stands for. All I know is – tech stuff.


  • Chili’s fajitas are still pretty decent when Postmated.

  • Binge drinking in your late 20’s is not cute anymore. Harsh realities.


  • I really need to take a line-dancing class. I cannot keep with the professionals at the country bar.


  • I am at a point in my life where I enjoy going to country bars. 16 year old Jess is not amused.


  • You absolutely cannot give up. Ever. If watching the Patriots during this playoffs and the Golden Knights in the last couple of months has taught me anything, it is that. There is always a chance things will turn around. There is always a chance you’ll make that play. So why the fuck don’t you believe in yourself.



Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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