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Hello and welcome back to #marathonmonday’s! I’m excited to share more of my running journey with y’all this year. I always get questions about how I can run half marathons every year and how I became a runner.

The answer is: it’s been a long journey and it definitely does not happen overnight. It takes patience and dedication. You don’t have to go out and run a half marathon or a 5K tomorrow. A ten minute run is perfect. Alternating walking and running for the first weeks is totally okay! We all have to start somewhere and we all have to take our own journeys.

And this is just mine! Keep reading for my running-related plans for 2018!

flashback to my second half marathon ever: salt lake city half! 2015

#1 Summerlin Half Marathon – Las Vegas (April)

I originally planned to run a half marathon out at Lake Mead in February (which is next week lol) but after Rock N Roll back in November, I decided to take a break. Why push myself if what I was really craving was some time off? Listening to my body and not just pushing through the pain is a new thing for me. So I was glad to find a different half, later during the spring that would give me an opportunity to be running consistently all year. This is something I think I need to do differently in training for the Rock N Roll in November. Which brings me to…

flashback to the 2017 rock n roll half marathon!

#2 Rock N Roll MARATHON – Las Vegas (November)

My dear, old friend. I am SO determined to do this one. Appropriately, it’s the most important mission on my list this coming year. I need to be more committed to completing this goal. And if that means I go into a doctor and figure out my hip issues…so be it. This will be my third year running at this event and seeing as how much fun I had last year, I cannot wait to participate again!

I’ve already started training for the Summerlin Half and it’s been nice to get back into a running routine again. I always feel more balanced and productive when I have something to work toward.

Here’s to another year of running! Happy Monday!



Author: Jess

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