i’ll see your airport bartender and raise you a police detective | ABOUT ME

Since it’s the start of another year and since I’ve had some new followers recently, I decided to post one of these fun “10 Facts About Me” blogs to give a small overview of what I think y’all need to know about me. For now.

If you’re coming from my Instagram, the first five will look familiar. Keep reading for the rest!

1. I grew up in Idaho and then moved to Bozeman, Montana for college (GO CATS!). After one year, I transferred to the University of Utah where I graduated with a degree in Communications and minors in Business Admin and Multi-Disciplinary Design.

2. I live in Las Vegas and I absolutely fucking love it. I moved here 2 1/2 years ago and only expected to be here for a few years. But last summer I bought a condo and committed to Vegas for the long haul!

3. I’ve run 3 half marathons and am planning on running my first full marathon this fall.

4. Even though I was born, raised and have only lived in the west, I am a die-hard Red Sox and Patriots fan. And yes, I will be jumping on the Raiders bandwagon in a couple of years. You heard it here first.

5. If I were to switch careers, I would be an airport bartender or a police detective. 

6. The only variety of chicken I eat is fried, fast food from Cane’s or Chic Fil A. No lie – I hate grilled chicken breast. What some may call disgusting, I call balance.

7. Music is my life and I like something from every genre. I refuse to categorize myself as an “EDM kid” or a “metal-head.” I like what I like and my music always fits my mood. That being said, I will gladly assume the title of “Deadhead.”

8. I love sports in an obsessive way. I can and will get involved in any sporting event, pick a (temporary) side and cheer like hell. Sporting events have the potential to be one of the most beautiful stories ever told. Tears and all. 

9. I was born not being able to roll my tongue. When I was in junior high, against all odds, I was TAUGHT how to roll my tongue. TAKE THAT GENES!!! Still have no clue how to whistle, however.

10. I want to share my love and knowledge of Vegas with the world, which is why I created this blog. Vegas has been a really special place for me thus far and I want everyone visiting, whether for the first time or the 300th time, to find something new and special. That being said, if you have any Vegas-related questions or anything I should check out or review – let me know! Also make sure to subscribe and share with your friends who need a dose of Vegas. It’s only going to get better from here!


Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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