throwback thursday 2017 | part 1

Hey y’all, back atcha with the first part of my year-end recap of the year that was 2017. And oy what a year… Let’s begin.


  • I remember going out and having a lot of fun in January. Not much direction, but still a TON of fun. I’m such a social person that a busy schedule only fires me up more.


  • The number one thing that sticks out for me in the month of February is the SUPER BOWL. Obviously. I took shots of Fireball, cheered when Lady Gaga jumped from the roof and ended up on the floor in front of the TV with TWO rosaries during the last half of the game. Most exhausting, stressful, amazing night of the year.
living my best life
  • I drove through a legit monsoon to visit one of my best friends, Liv, in Santa Barbara and fell in love with the central coast and her little corner of California.

  • Spotted Nick Jonas in a club and 15 year-old Jess got FAR too excited.


  • I remember feeling very inspired during this month and lots of writing was taking place.
  • Liv came to Vegas and we did some solid day drinking on The LINQ Promenade and ended our weekend checking out Intrigue at The Wynn. Gotta love a Wynn cocktail.


  • The first thing that comes to mind when I think of April is: live music and that summertime feeling.
  • I saw Kehlani, Tove Lo and John Mayer in concert, three days in a row. Great life decision.
  • My last minute seats for John Mayer were FANTASTIC. Row 11. Best show I’ve been to all year. He’s truly a genius.
row 11

  • My baby brother turned 17 and I felt old as hell.


  • It truly began to feel like summer as our pool days returned.
  • I started training for my first marathon!
  • I went on a hungover first date with someone that I didn’t realize was wearing a Yankees hat until an hour into dinner. Soon after, I also realized that there was dried vomit in my hair from taking too many shots of Hennessy the night before. Vegas, man.
  • I visited Wet Republic for the first time to see Kaskade for the sixth time.
  • Later that day, I made another last minute decision to see Dead & Company that same night. It was an AMAZING experience and I can now officially call myself a Deadhead.
dead & co ❤
  • My gym, TruFusion, launched a challenge to complete 25 classes in 31 days and I succeeded. Very proud of this one.
challenge: COMPLETE!


  • I started looking for a new place to live and preparing to move. Adulting all the way up.
  • After a year away, I returned to one of my favorite places on earth – Bonnaroo with Ashley! This was our best Roo yet. So pumped for next year!
i don’t know who you are, but i love that you love lobsters
bonnaroo partner in crime

  • Less than a week later, I attended my second EDC here in Vegas. It was not as great as I was hoping. The Friday shuttle situation was horrendous (as told here) and I ended up staying home on Day 2. I did decide to go back for Day 3 and it was a much better experience.
i didn’t take many photos, but the main stage was super cool

So this was my first half of the year. Stay tuned for next week when I discuss the second half of 2017. I will say, the first half was much more lighthearted and carefree than the second half. However, I feel like it’s good to acknowledge that life-shit happens to EVERYONE.

Seeee yaaaaa!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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