25 things i’ve learned at 25

Today I turn 26. My best friend Ashley’s father maintains that 26 is the best year. So I have every intention of treating it as such. Watch out, ALL of my fucks have officially gone out the window.

But truthfully, I don’t even feel a day over 18 y’all. Still to this day I feel like my ID is fake (it’s not) and that I’m not supposed to be adulting (I really don’t want to).

Regardless of what I want, however, life goes on and it doesn’t wait for anybody and sometimes it teaches you some interesting and real (borderline depressing) things. Here’s what I learned at the grand ol’ age of 25.

1. At some point in your life, people can and will take your work and claim it as their own. This is why it’s crucial to be yourself and live your life unapologetically. Sad truth for creative types!

2. Sometimes, people aren’t meant to be anything in your life other than to just be for a while. 

3. You never know how major tragedy is going to affect you and you have no right to tell people how to handle their experience.

4. Petty bullshit is so unnecessary.

5. I always maintained that the world would fall apart when Hugh Hefner died… : ( RIP

6. Clowns on TV aren’t that scary…still working on the “real life” clowns, however.

7. Cream makeup from the Halloween store is not the best idea and does not turn out how one would expect.

8. It’s okay to try things and not like them/not be good at them/not want to deal with them. This can also translate to one of my favorite sayings “You don’t have to be friends with everyone you’ve ever met.”


10. You can’t hang around waiting for someone to figure out what they want whether it be physically or emotionally. 

11. It’s okay to not be okay.

12. It’s okay to be wherever you are as long as you are trying. 

13. I’ve learned you can think the world of someone while they see themselves as much less. And there is nothing you can do about it.

14. Going to work hungover is just getting worse with age. 

15. The start of listening to Christmas music is getting earlier in the year as I age.

16. People can and will surprise you in the best way.

17. People can and will surprise you in the worst way.

18. Music truly brings people together, even if just for a night. 

19. Life is better as a DeadHead.

20. Sparkling water isn’t as terrible as I always thought.

21. The Rock isn’t as obnoxious as I always thought.

22. Sometimes you have to change your plans in the present to help preserve yourself for the future.

23. I’ve learned that you can’t banish all commitment to the land across the Narrow Sea. Commitment is an actual thing that is necessary.

24. I’ve learned that time and distance can make even the worst/most cringe-worthy scenarios a lot less cringe-worthy. Sleep and a good laugh help with that too.

25. Not every year has to be full of big, grand, life-changing events. Sometimes, you just need a transitional year to prepare yourself for what’s to come. I truly feel like that is what 25 has been for me. And with that I am more excited to be 26 than I’ve ever been. 

Cheers to another year!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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