changing our attitudes | marathon monday week #11

Sometimes Mondays can make you feel like our palm tree friend above. I hope y’all got a good laugh from this because I had to stand in the middle of a parking lot and get honked at least seven times to take this photo.


It’s really easy to look at Monday and the week ahead and fall over in pre-determined exhaustion. And it’s also really easy to look at a massive to do list on Monday morning and think “FUCK THIS. I’ll start tomorrow.” I’ve done this on more than one occasion. Lazy Monday turns into “Oh shit I’ve lost an entire 22 hours of usable, productive time” and then I spend the rest of the week playing catch-up. Not fun.

I’m the first to admit my procrastination tends to get the better of me. I usually thrive under pressure and I am absolutely addicted to the feeling of stress when racing against a deadline. I know, I’m a thrill seeker. Lol.

However, procrastination is one of those characteristics I am actively working to change. One way to combat procrastination, I’m finding, is to change my attitude about the tasks at hand. I make a to-do list for the week on Sunday before I go to bed so I can have as little anxiety as possible.

Patricio (my dad) likes to say “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” and this is the attitude I try to keep in mind when looking at that massive to do list on a Monday morning.

Attitude makes a big difference and is quite possibly very close to being everything. But it’s nothing without momentum.

They say the way you spend your New Years is the way you spend the rest of your year. I say fuck that because New Years is the worst holiday. Instead I propose that the way you spend your Monday is the way you spend the rest of your week. Yes, that’s better – and much more relatable too.

So…how is this morning going for you? Did you wake up and dread the fact that it was Monday and hit snooze seven more times? Did you jump out of bed pretending to be a cast member of High School Musical and start singing about toast?

I can tell you that I am somewhere in the middle of these two frames of mind. I am a night owl by nature and a 9-5 job makes this impossible on a regular basis. (Side note: I never use the word “impossible” so this is like a rare jungle animal sighting.)

My mornings usually involve a motivating song as my alarm – currently Unforgettable by French Montana – and me giving myself a pep talk. Out loud. Possibly sounding like a crazy person. And what if my method doesn’t work? I turn into the person hitting snooze seven times – we’ve discussed this before.

So while it’s really easy to be the little palm tree that gave up, I’m working to be the little weird human that doesn’t. Starting with run one of the week done already this morning.

What are you doing?

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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