flat like nebraska | marathon monday week #10

This is the most anti-climactic post in the world, so let’s just throw it out there right at the beginning: nothing went wrong last week with my training. Whee!

(Side Note – I’ve driven through the ENTIRE state of Nebraska four times in one year so I am most definitely qualified to call it flat. Also, it was a traumatic experience and I never want to go back again. Why TF is Jess talking about Nebraska?? Keep Reading.)

I had to adjust my run schedule because I spent the weekend in Idaho. As a result, I needed to get all four days in at the beginning of the week. And as my spoiler already informed you – I completed all four days of training successfully.


And it felt really good! It was nice to complete early morning runs and have the rest of my day free. A good morning session gave me energy and allowed me to accomplish more things that needed to get done. Like take out the trash.

Initially I thought, “I have nothing to talk about, everything went well last week.” But sometimes life just goes smoothly and that can be hard to get excited about.

When life is going to shit and everything is going wrong, it’s so easy to pick out those things and dwell on them. It can be easy to feel bad for ourselves, but it doesn’t feel good internally. It’s poisonous to our systems.

That’s why I find it so important to celebrate the things that do go right, even if they are just the little things. Matt Nathanson (how about a throwback for you??) once said he learned to get by on little victories and I quickly adopted that idea as my own.

My (not-so) little victory for the week? I MISSED running in the morning. It felt WEIRD to not workout before the sun came up.

I call that a success because who knew I could adopt that habit so quickly?? Certainly not me but I will TAKE IT!

It shows that we CAN change the negative patterns in our life. We DO have control over how our actions impact our lives! We can become people who WANT to run at four in the morning. Ok, maybe want isn’t the correct word, but you know what I mean.

We see life as full of ups and downs, but we rarely take time to appreciate the flat parts when we’re coasting. For example – I never used to appreciate a quiet, Saturday night at home, but now I see the benefits.

I think I’ve managed to change my own mind in this post, because, a week of training without injury or heatstroke? Not boring at all – more like something to appreciate.

Happy Monday!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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