my favorite vegas brunch on the strip | mon ami gabi

view from across the street at the bellagio fountains – look at that, no cars! it takes skills people

Sunday mornings in Vegas are made for hangovers, lazy days by the pool and Bloody Mary’s – all after stumbling back to your room as the sun’s coming up after the club. Classy.

But there’s a different world that exists on Sunday mornings – an early morning brunch on the porch of Mon Ami Gabi, located at the Paris Las Vegas.

If you’re wondering how I feel about this restaurant, let me put it this way – I’ve eaten brunch here three times in the last two months. Yup, I’m officially obsessed.

*Best Trick – Breakfast ends at 11am. Sharp. Make your reservations for no later than 10:40am. You’re required to get there about 15 min prior to reservation time so GET. THERE.

If you want to sit outside (and I highly suggest you do) make sure to mention it when checking in for your reservation. Remember to be super nice and friendly. The hostesses, in my experience, are super stressed and deal with a ton of assholes…don’t be another asshole and they will probably help you out. At the very least, you won’t be that tourist.

If you’re looking for something sweet and fruity I recommend the Caramelized Apple Skinny Crepe Pancake served with fresh whipped cream and REAL, actual caramelized apples.

The Skinny Crepes also come topped with Cinnamon or Lemon with Lemon Marmalade. We haven’t tried the Lemon, but we can absolutely recommend the Cinnamon (also served with the homemade whipped cream.)

The sweetness was the perfect partner to my slightly spicy Bloody Mary and the combo left me full ALL day. When I order something sweet, I always get a side of the Crispy Date-Glazed Bacon. The bacon is a thick cut and the glaze gives it an interesting flavor that compliments it nicely.

My mom went for the Blueberry Waffles with warm blueberry syrup. Presented as four mini waffles, topped with mini blueberries and syrup on the side. Another excellent choice.

Maybe the sweet highway is not for you? Never fear, we have some not-so-sweet recs for you!

You can’t go wrong with Three Eggs your way which comes with the bacon, hash browns and Rustic Toast. I chose scrambled eggs and they were soft, fluffy and absolutely tasty. Now let’s talk about the Rustic Toast. DEAD. It’s so crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Plus it comes with butter and a fantastic jelly. At the very least get it as a side dish.

Finally, I have to mention the Ham & Cheese Omelette with Gruyere cheese. I’m not much of a cheese person (I honestly cannot stand cheese) but Momma Bear said this was BOMB. And I believe her.

The vibe of Mon Ami is so authentic it instantly transports you to an intimate cafe in Paris, France. If you choose to sit inside, you will either be in the dining room which is dark, intimate and features an art deco style. Continue further into the restaurant and you will find yourself in a room with a glass ceiling and big glass windows looking out onto The Strip. It’s like being in a French garden sunroom.

However, if the weather is nice, I highly recommend sitting on the patio (yes, I’m saying it again because it’s the best decision). French bistro style tables and chairs fill the area which features views of the whole Strip. To the West of the Patio sits the Bellagio and those famous Fountains. The best accompaniment to a Sunday Brunch as this is the day they start the earliest at 11am. (Saturday at noon and Monday-Friday at 3pm.)

In a sentence – Mon Ami Gabi is my go-to brunch spot. The atmosphere, energy, dishes and service are all fantastic and keeps me coming back.

Definitely a must-visit when in Vegas!

Breakfast menu can be found – here

Main Website – here


*Sunday – Thursday: 7am – 11pm

*Friday & Saturday: 7am – Midnight 

For Reservations Call: 702 – 944 – 4224


Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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