the magic of momentum | marathon monday #3

Pre – Grateful Dead sunset vibes. As seen on Snapchat [jessicalynnn12]
Is anyone sick of my alliteration yet? Haha – I’m a sucker for alliteration, good, bad or otherwise. But let’s not hesitate, my intro is not what you came for.

It was such a good Memorial Day Weekend and I was able to enjoy it because I had completed all my required training for the week! Once again I went above and beyond in distance during each run, because, my body was totally prepared for it.

Which brings me to the topic at hand: Momentum. Newton had some laws he discovered? Created? Forced us to learn about in high school science? With a quick Google, I was reminded that objects in motion will stay in motion and objects at rest will stay at rest. Unless, of course, the object in question is acted upon by some outside force. I think the same can be said for momentum.

Positive momentum was definitely at play for me this week from meal choices, to workouts, to bedtimes (yes, the night owl went to bed at a decent hour). It’s so much easier to avoid In-N-Out on the way home when you’ve been drinking green smoothies and eating plant-based for the last four days. Going to bed on time for four days in a row is much easier when it’s becoming the new norm. Making multiple wise decisions in a row can really help get that positive momentum going which makes it easier to accomplish goals since you have been slowly building the foundation.

On the other hand, momentum going in the opposite direction is the reason why some people may end up places they don’t want to be. It’s the whole “diet starts Monday” mentality or “what’s another shot of Patron??”

(To be fair, me and Patron hung out a lot this weekend. Then again, it is my Memorial Day Weekend tradition.)

I’m definitely not perfect. Like I said, my Memorial Day was pool clubs and shows and definitely some Patron in the mix. So we have some negative momentum here. Especially since I just finished eating the In-N-Out I successfully avoided all of last week.

The first step to combatting and reversing negative momentum is to recognize it. I know that I probably should have had one less Patron Sunrise and I absolutely should have refrained from taking my happy-ass to In-N-Out. But now I’m also putting myself to bed earlier than I would like to so I can wake up early, do some yoga, make a green smoothie and get back on track.

It’s ok to let lose and have fun every once in a while. For me, Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick-off to Summer and it usually tends to go pretty spectacularly. So there was no way I was missing out on the party. I just had to make sure I was getting my training in and making the healthiest decisions possible in the week leading up to the festivities.

So I knew there was going to be a shift in my momentum, but I was prepared for it. And now I’m ready to get back to the good stuff before I leave for Bonnaroo NEXT WEEK. Holy shit it came so fast.

Now I’m off to bed to get more sleep than I did last night! Since it was only two hours I’m sure I’ll get some better sleep than that tonight.

Sweet Dreams!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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