getting judged by vegas locals aka vegas initiation | #tbt

Today, I’m sharing a vintage Vegas story because this is “The Notorious Neon” now and I have, like, one story about Vegas posted. Or two.


Let’s take a journey back to Halloween 2015 and my first experience with douchebag Las Vegas Locals…

If you’ve listened to music this year [EDITOR’S NOTE: “this year” = 2015…proceed], you have surely heard “These Walls” by Kendrick Lamar. I actually think about the phrase “if these walls could talk” a lot, because, you never really know who you are talking to or who could be lurking around the corner.

Friday night, the night before Halloween [October 30, 2015], I was headed to The Strip to meet up with a friend from college who was in town celebrating his birthday. The group was going to the High Roller at The LINQ Hotel & Casino aka the tallest Ferris wheel in the world that also happens to resemble the London Eye.

inside the lobby of the High Roller. decor goals much?
vegas views 👌🏻✨

I was keeping it a mellow, sober night because I had a meeting early the next morning (who schedules something like that during HALLOWEEKEND, I mean COME ON!]. Anyway…

I parked at The LINQ and made my way to the elevator in the parking garage. While I, along with a girl my age and a couple who were in their mid-50s, waited for the elevator, I felt some weird being looks thrown at me. The lady in this fifty and fabulous duo (let’s call her Fun Sponge) was NOT having any of my shit.

What was I doing you may wonder? Nothing crazy except for dressing in all black with cat ears and a full-on cat face? Because, Halloweekend, of course.

costume in question.

Lady, it’s called “HalloWEEKEND” for a reason. You are supposed to celebrate ALL weekend. Ok? Ok.

Small talk ensued which basically led to the Fun Sponge saying quite condescendingly that “people that look like you are the reason we even go to The Strip.”

To that I promptly responded with, “Yeah you see all kinds of crazy shit when you live here.”

As soon as I mentioned that I was, in fact, a local and not a tourist whom she so obviously despised, Fun Sponge could not have looked more disgusted with me. At first I was offended because I was still trying to figure out how Vegas people operate. (I had only been here two months at this point).

I didn’t care, however, because I was a cat and I was loving my life. And how could you not laugh at Fun Sponge? It was absolutely hilarious.

A small, silly reminder that you never know who you are talking to, especially in Vegas. You can never predict when you’re going to meet a DJ or a reality star or a local! (And I’ve met all three so let me know if you want more stories!)

What you say can and, most likely will, get back to you. When it does, you better be prepared to own up to the things you said. This can go for talking positively or talking absolute shit behind someone’s back.

Like I’ve always said, “You can talk shit about people, but you sure as hell better be prepared to say it to their face when it gets back to them.” Notice how I said “when”. Might have some experience with that. Maybe.

So yes, I may still be the local that makes the other locals cringe because I actually enjoy the occasional night out on The Strip with the pleasant bonus of psycho tourist watching. But I am a firm believer in the fact that life is too short to not be doing absolutely everything you want regardless of the circumstance.

And I’m genuinely in love with Vegas so why not promote and support the city?

views from the top of the High Roller.

This place is SO cool and magical and full of weird, wonderful, wacky people and the best thing to do here is embrace it!

With Love From VEGAS!

Author: Jess

Las Vegas local / writer, creator, festival goer, explorer, marketer, promoter, special event & experience curator

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